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Honda 0 Series for the global EV market unveiled, first model coming in 2026

The ‘Honda 0 Series,’ is all set to globally launch in 2026. It includes the Saloon and Space Hub concepts, also premiering the new H mark next-gen EVs

Honda 0 Series

Honda launched the ‘Honda 0 Series,’ on Wednesday, at the CES 2024 in Las Vegas, U.S.A. The new electric vehicle or the EV series is set to globally launch in 2026.  The series includes the Saloon and Space Hub concepts, besides premiering the new H mark which will be exclusively marking the next-generation EV models. In 2026, the first model of the Honda 0 series will be introduced globally, starting from North America to Japan, Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East and South America.

The EV series is a realisation of Honda’s Global Brand Slogan, “The Power of Dreams – How we move you.” The series is named after Honda’s ambition to go back to its original journey as an automaker and start from ‘zero,’ creating completely new EVs. The company is also pursuing electrification to fulfil its automobile electrification target of “increasing the ratio of EV and FCEV sales to 100% globally by 2040.”

Honda plans to achieve “zero environmental impact,” throughout the life cycle of the vehicle, including corporate activities and “zero traffic collision fatalities” involving Honda motorcycles and automobiles.

Honda aims to advance its M/M concept (man maximum, machine minimum) and the “joy of driving,” which Honda values in car-making mobility, and take the “joy and freedom of mobility” to greater heights

with the new EV series. It is also striving to achieve carbon neutrality for all products and corporate activities by 2050. 

The EV series will be based on five core values : artistic design that evokes resonance (“The Art of Resonance”), AD/ADAS that ensures safety and peace of mind (Level 3 automated driving), a “space” for people made possible by the internet of things (IoT) and connected technologies, the joy of driving with the feeling of oneness with the vehicle and finally, outstanding electricity efficiency performance(e-Axles).

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