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Counter-Strike 2 to debut later this summer

Counter-Strike 2

The video game maker Valve announced the debut of  Counter-Strike 2,  the evolution and update of one of the most played games Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. CS2 is currently in the limited testing phase and will debut with improved maps, graphics, and many new features. The much awaited game is slated to arrive later this year.

The upcoming version, according to Valve, radically overhauls every system, piece of content, and component of the Counter-Strike experience. The sequel’s release will offer a number of improvements, including updated maps, novel dynamic smoke grenades, tick-rate-independent gameplay, improved visual effects and music, and the transfer of all CS: GO items to CS2. The game will be a free upgrade to CS: GO and open to all players.

For Counter-Strike 2, several maps have been completely rebuilt, while others have remained the same but now make use of the new engine’s cutting-edge capabilities. For instance, although maps like Nuke feature new lighting effects, maps like Mirage are moved to the new engine unchanged. Additionally, as demonstrated by the company, community members can use the new tools to completely redesign well-liked levels like Overpass. Moreover, the operation of smoke grenades thereafter undergoes a significant shift. The mechanics of the game have been altered in the sequel; as a result, grenades are now dynamic and smoke interacts with the surroundings. In addition, shots can pierce the walls.

According to Valve’s FAQ website, players are chosen based on a variety of criteria, such as their Steam profile standing, recent activity on official servers, ban history, and “trust factor.” CS:GO main menu notifications will ask players to “ENROLL” and start their download if they choose to do so. The message continues, “Launch CS:GO after the download is finished and choose the ‘Limited Test’ option to play the Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test.” It’s a good idea to periodically check your main menu, according to Valve, who promises that additional players will be added to the restricted test over time. There isn’t a third-party website to access CS2’s restricted test, and there aren’t any beta testing keys to use.

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