Anonymous Messaging App NGL Faces Ban for Targeting Minors

    Popular anonymous app NGL banned by FTC for targeting minors & deceptive anti-bullying claims. Future uncertain.

    The popular anonymous messaging app NGL, known for its presence in Instagram Stories, has come under fire from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The FTC is banning NGL from both serving minors and advertising to them, marking a historic first for the agency in its efforts to protect children online.

    NGL allows users to share a link on social media, prompting followers to send them anonymous questions. While similar apps have struggled with cyberbullying, NGL marketed itself as having AI that could filter out such harassment. However, the FTC alleges these claims were deceptive.

    FTC Cracks Down on Popular Anonymous App NGL

    “NGL marketed its app to kids and teens despite knowing that it was exposing them to cyberbullying and harassment,” said FTC Chair Lina Khan in a press release. “In light of NGL’s reckless disregard for kids’ safety, the FTC’s order would ban NGL from marketing or offering its app to those under 18.”

    Further accusations against NGL include sending fake anonymous questions to users. These tactics allegedly aimed to entice users into paying a monthly fee to reveal the identities of the supposed senders. TechCrunch reported in 2022 that evidence strongly suggests NGL was indeed “baiting users” with these fabricated questions.

    This FTC action raises questions about the future of NGL and similar apps. With its core user base potentially cut off and its anti-bullying claims challenged, NGL faces an uncertain path forward.


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