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Apple Announces iOS 17: What You Need to Know

Apple Announces iOS 17: What You Need to Know

In a closely watched announcement at Apple’s “Wonderlust” event on Tuesday, the tech giant revealed the upcoming release of its new operating system, iOS 17. Slated for public availability on September 18, this update promises to extend functionalities across iPhones, including the newly launched iPhone 15, as well as AirPods Pro.

Key Features on iPhone

Standby Mode

One of the most talked-about additions is the standby mode. While an iPhone is charging on its side, it can display a clock, cycle through photos, or present widgets, turning the device into an information hub.

Live Voicemail Screening

Apple is also debuting live voicemail screening, which enables users to read a real-time transcript of their voicemail, making it easier to decide whether to take the call.

Enhanced FaceTime Capabilities

Another notable update relates to FaceTime. Users can now project their calls onto an AppleTV device, using the iPhone or iPad as the outgoing camera while viewing incoming video on a larger screen. Moreover, iOS 17 allows FaceTime users to leave video messages complete with video effects if a call is not answered.

NameDrop Feature

Building upon its AirDrop technology, the new NameDrop feature will allow the swift exchange of contact information by simply bringing two iPhones close together.

Additional Improvements on iPhone

The update will also include refinements to predictive text and autocorrect functionalities. iOS 17 is set to offer enhanced customization for call alerts, giving a unique visual identifier for calls from specific contacts. Users will also have the option to automatically silence FaceTime calls from unknown numbers.

What’s New for AirPods Pro?

Adaptive Audio

AirPods Pro will receive an Adaptive Audio update, adjusting the volume and noise cancellation settings to match environmental conditions.

Conversation Awareness

The new Conversation Awareness mode will modify the volume to amplify voices of people speaking in the vicinity, enhancing the user experience during conversations.

Availability and Compatibility

iOS 17 has been in beta testing throughout the summer and is already available to developers and beta users. The operating system will be accessible as a free over-the-air update for iPhones starting from the 2nd generation SE, iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max onwards. Older models, unfortunately, will not receive this update.

Apple’s announcement comes on the heels of its iPhone 15 series reveal, continuing a pattern of software updates following new hardware releases. The last two iterations, iOS 16 and iOS 15, were launched on September 12 and September 20 respectively, indicating Apple’s commitment to a consistent update schedule.

With iOS 17, Apple aims to offer a more integrated and responsive experience for iPhone and AirPods Pro users. The update appears to be a significant step in elevating the capabilities of Apple’s ecosystem.

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