Tesla Announces Major Price Cuts and Brings Back Standard Range Trims

    In a move that has the electric vehicle market buzzing, Tesla has recently reduced the prices of its luxury Model S and Model X by a whopping $10,000. The brand has managed this by resurrecting the Standard Range trims for these models, making them more budget-friendly for potential buyers.

    For those who might recall, back in 2021, Tesla decided to phase out the Standard Range options for both its premium sedan and its priciest SUV. The company then steered customers towards the Long Range and the performance-enhanced Plaid trims. But it seems Tesla has had a change of heart. Although the Standard Range trims are now available again, there’s a twist: they are, in essence, software-restricted versions of the Long Range models. This intriguing detail was initially brought to light by Electrek.

    A Closer Look at the Standard Range Models

    The Standard Range Model S, now priced at $78,490, offers a range of 320 miles when fully charged—a reduction of over 20% from its Long Range counterpart. While it maintains a commendable top speed of 149 mph, the acceleration from 0 to 60 mph takes a slightly more leisurely 3.7 seconds compared to the Long Range’s swift 3.1 seconds.

    Similarly, the Standard Range Model X has seen its price dip to $88,490. However, its full charge range is 269 miles, a noticeable decline from the Long Range model’s 348 miles. This trim level will still race up to a top speed of 149 mph, but reaching 60 mph from a standstill will now take 4.4 seconds, a tad slower than the Long Range’s 3.8 seconds.

    What’s particularly fascinating is that both the Standard Range Model S and Model X, as confirmed by Tesla representatives to Electrek, come equipped with the same battery pack as their Long Range equivalents. The difference? A software limitation restricting the use of the full battery capacity.

    What’s Next for Tesla?

    For those eager to get their hands on these models, the wait won’t be long. Tesla’s official website indicates that the Standard Range Model S and Model X will be ready for delivery to U.S. customers around September or October. These price cuts and reintroduced trims are seen as strategic moves to ensure Tesla remains a formidable player amidst stiff competition from other automobile giants.

    Of course, potential buyers might be concerned about the reduced range in the Standard Range trims. However, the significantly lowered price tag might be just the right incentive for those who’ve always aspired to own a high-end Tesla but found the cost a bit steep. And for those who think the Model S and Model X are still a stretch for their budget, Tesla isn’t leaving them behind. A significant redesign of the entry-level Model 3 is reportedly in the works, hinting at more exciting things to come.


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