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The Stars We Lost: Bidding Farewell to Entertainment Icons in 2023

The entertainment world lost some of its most cherished figures in 2023, but their influence will forever resonate in our collective memory

The Stars We Lost in 2023

Matthew Perry (1969-2023): A Lifelong Treasured Friend

Matthew Perry’s influence on television history has an unbreakable connection to the legendary Chandler Bing character. His unmatched wit and brilliant comedic timing on “Friends”(1994)  made him a household figure. Perry’s talent was evident in parts ranging from sharp comedy to deep drama, even outside of sitcoms. With his parting joke, Perry creates a legacy of humor that will echo throughout the universe of comedy fans.

matthew perry

Suzanne Somers (1946-2023): A Dazzling Star of the Small Screen

Over several decades, Suzanne Somers radiated a bright personality on the tiny screen. Warmth and talent made Somers an everlasting beacon, from the pleasant humor of “Three’s Company” (1977)  to her following undertakings. Her friendly persona and captivating on-screen character won over viewers, making her a beloved small-screen icon. We will miss Somers’ bright presence, but we will always remember the joy she brought into our homes.

Suzanne Somers

Michael Gambon (1940-2023): Albus Dumbledore, the beloved mascot of Harry Potter

Actor Michael Gambon, whose skill on stage and screen was unmatched, bid his final farewell. His imposing presence and transforming roles shone a light on the theater industry. Shakespearean mastery aside, Gambon left behind a legacy of outstanding theatrical performances. Notably, he added a touch of magic to his already brilliant career by captivating fans as Albus Dumbledore in the later Harry Potter films (2001). We will always remember Gambon as a great master of the dramatic arts when the curtains close on his last bow.


Andre Braugher (1962-2023): The Dramatic Pioneer of Television

Andre Braugher’s exit from television drama left a hole in the narrative that reverberated throughout the narrative corridors. His memorable parts in “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” (2013) and “Homicide: Life on the Street” (1993)  demonstrated a breadth of skill that characterized him as a dramatic pathfinder. Television drama has never been the same since Braugher’s skillful handling of his characters’ complexities.

Andre Braugher

Tina Turner (1929-2023): The Closing Encore of The Legendary Queen of Rock

With Tina Turner’s passing, the music industry came to a standstill. She was dubbed the “Queen of Rock” for her mesmerizing live shows and beautiful voice. Turner’s impact could be heard off the stage in songs like “What’s Love Got to Do with It,” (1984) which dug deeply into emotion, and “Proud Mary,” (1970)  which exuded exuberant energy. An era comes to an end with her last encore, but her legacy as an instrumental pioneer will live on in the hearts of music lovers everywhere.

Tina Turner

David Crosby (1941-2023): The End of a Harmonious Journey

With his departure, a harmonic voyage that defined an era in rock and folk music came to an end. As a prodigious musician, Crosby influenced the musical palette of a generation with his beautiful melodies, creative lyrics, and influence on the rise of counterculture. His last chord closes a beautiful trip spanning decades, resonating as a melancholy note in rock music.

David Crosby

Even as we all bid these heavenly stars farewell, their legacy lives on, serving as a constant reminder that their creativity, humor, and songs will always be a part of the global web of our common human experience. By paying respect to these stars, we also celebrate the contributions of everyone who passed away in 2023, including many others like Sue Johanson, Gordon Lightfoot, Bob Barker, and many more who were unable to be included in this tribute. Every name is a glimmer in the enormous void of our recollections, an eternal component of the heavenly cluster of people who have enriched our lives.

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