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Pixlr Photo Editing App Review 2024 – Features, Pricing, & Comparisons

Pixlr Review 2024

Are you looking to enhance your photos without having to deal with the complexities of advanced photo editing software? Look no further than Pixlr, a simple app that can be used by anyone for professional-grade image manipulation. If you are a social media savant, wannabe photographer or just someone who enjoys capturing moments, then Pixlr is for you. Let’s discuss some of the main features and advantages of this amazing app:

Key Features:

Intuitive Interface:

Pixlr Interface
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Pixlr has an interface which is uncluttered, streamlined and easy to navigate. You will get started on editing your pictures in no time even though you are new.

Powerful Editing Tools:

pixlr photo editing interface
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Pixlr comes with a range of tools including basic adjustments like brightness and contrast as well as advanced features such as blending modes, layers and selective editing that can help transform your images into masterpieces.

Filters and Effects:

pixlr filters interface
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With just a tap or two, Pixlr offers countless filters and effects making it possible for you to add unique styles and moods to your photographs. Play around with vintage appearances, artsy filters and popular trends so that your photos look astounding.

Text and Graphic Overlays:

Pixlr Graphic Overlay Interface
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Looking forward to adding text, stickers or shapes to an image? Then, look no further because Pixlr makes this task quite easy. Enliven your images with stylish fonts, cute stickers or catchy graphics that make them stand out from others.

Collage and Background Removal:

Pixlr backgroud removal interface
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You can create beautiful collages using a variety of layouts along with customization options through the collage maker found in Pixlr. Do you need background removals from images? Through its background removal tool, Pixlr simplifies the process, allowing one to easily separate subjects from their surroundings.

Creative Brushes:

Pixlr Brushes Interface
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For individuals who want Photoshop but don’t have money for it; unleash yourself using brushes available in Pixlr. The application has several types of brushes including retouching portraits, adding artistic touches, digital paintings, etc. Hence,  there is something for everyone.

Cloud Storage and Sharing:

Pixlr Cloud Sharing Interface
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This implies that the edited images can be saved directly to the cloud through Pixlr, thus ensuring they are safe and you can access them anywhere. Additionally, you can readily share your work on social media or with friends/family members.

Pixlr is a game changer in the world of photo editing apps due to its powerful tools, user-friendly interface and wide range of edit capabilities. Download Pixlr today to unleash your creativity!


Pixlr is good in terms of maintaining very consistent, well-functioning operations that make editing your photos a breeze. The app loads quickly and the tools work without lag, even on high-resolution images. This is great for people who are editing on the go because they can make quick changes without losing the quality of their final image.

Pixlr allows you to experience an uninterrupted photo editing process by merging excellent performance with advanced features. However, it should be noted that the performance might slightly vary depending on the device and its specifications.

Besides having a wide array of features, Pixlr updates its app frequently with new tools to cater to evolving customers’ needs. This ensures that you always have access to the latest and most innovative editing options, making your photos stand out from the rest.

Security Measures:

In terms of security, Pixlr cares about protecting your privacy so much. It uses state-of-the-art encryption technology to prevent unauthorized access to your photos or personal information. The app does not share or sell your information to third parties ensuring that your privacy is always upheld.

Furthermore, any images or edits you save in cloud storage provided by Pixlr are fully secured and only accessible by yourself. Pixlr also adheres to data privacy regulations, thus indicating its commitment towards user protection rights.

Nevertheless, as a user you should strive to keep your login credentials safe and secure but remember no software system is invulnerable to threatening activities; therefore always update both your operating system and henceforth the app itself to take advantage of the latest security patches.


Pixlr provides three subscription plans with different features to suit the needs of the users.

Plus Plan:

Price: $1.99 per month.


Enjoy Continuous Editing: Without any form of advertisement, you can edit without distractions.

Unrestricted Numbers of Saves: You can save your work as much as you want without being limited to anything.

80 AI Monthly Credits: Get a monthly quota of 80 AI credits for using advanced AI abilities.

 Premium Plan:

Price: $7.99 per month.


Ad-free surroundings: No advertisements are there to distract your working environment in this case and you may now proceed to work at ease without interruption.

Unlimited Saves: You can save projects as often as you like.

1000 Monthly AI Credits: Get the benefit of free access to a thousand artificial intelligence credits each month if you prefer using more advanced tools in your daily routine.

Team Plan

Price: $12.99 per month.


Ad-Free Experience: Engage effectively in ad-free team working experiences.

Unlimited Saves: Unlimited saves allow you to store everything you want and then share these files with anyone you wish to without having any limits imposed on you concerning how many things can be saved at once.

5 Premium Seats: The team plan includes five premium seats for effective management of your team.

1000 Monthly AI Credits per Seat: Every seat comes with a thousand AI credits that you can use up within the month via advanced AI features hence all members can access AI tools.

Annual Subscription:

A yearly subscription can also be made, thus reducing the monthly fee significantly. This option is good for regular users who are looking to invest in a reliable and efficient photo editing tool.

For the most accurate and current pricing information, you are advised to check Pixlr’s official website or your respective app stores.

Comparisons with Competitors:

Here is a comparison that will showcase the strengths of Pixlr over other popular photo editing apps:

 Pixlr vs Adobe Photoshop Express:

Pixlr has a more reasonably priced subscription model, making it affordable to a broader audience.

For starters, Pixlr’s intuitive interface and user-friendly tools make it great for people who are just starting, while still providing advanced capabilities for more seasoned users.

Through Pixlr’s cloud-based platform, you can access your projects from any device and get flexibility as well as convenience.

You do not need to spend money on additional purchases due to Pixlr’s wide range of templates, fonts and elements.

Pixlr vs Snapseed:

If you require more functionality, then better value is offered by Pixlr ad-free access and features such as AI credits for unlimited saves in its subscription plans.

Such real-time collaboration features in Pixlr’s Team plan make it suitable for team or group projects done collaboratively.

Advanced AI controls that are included in Pixlr’s premium plans enable you to use artificial intelligence techniques during editing hence making this process more creative.

The updates done regularly by Pixlr keep updating the tools and technologies available to customers for their photo editing requirements.

Pixlr vs Canva:

No doubt comparing Canva which mainly deals with graphic designs with Pixlr whose main focus is on photo editing brings out Pixlr as a specialist tool for enhancing and retouching images.

Pixlr offers different packages depending on the needs of individual users: from basic options up to advanced ones like AI generations- all that serve quite various groups of clients.

It does not matter whether you are using your computer or mobile device: one will experience the same editing environment when working with Pixlr across different platforms seamlessly moving between them.

Pixlr’s plans are affordable and come with a variety of features which make them the best option for individuals, companies or groups who need complete photo editing solutions.

As a result, Pixlr is viewed as the most pocket-friendly, easily accessible and also inclusive software making it one of the most popular apps among photo editing tools due to its comprehensive feature set and ease of use.

Benefits of Pixlr:

  • User-friendly Interface: The interface is easy to use and appealing which can make Pixlr relevant for the newbies and the experts.
  • Wide Range of Tools: Pixlr possesses photo editing tools that are comprehensive, starting from simple adjustments to advanced characteristics.
  • Updates regularly: This application always brings in more features and improvements so that it can remain up-to-date with continually developing user needs.
  • Strong Security: To ensure privacy and data protection, this app uses encryption technology as well as obeys data protection laws.
  • Cost Effective: The premium features are reasonably priced making it possible for many people to access Pixlr.

Disadvantages of using Pixlr:

  • Performance Variations: However, depending on your device’s specification, there might be little variations in the performance of the application which is generally smooth.
  • Steep Learning Curve for Advanced Tools: Even though Pixlr is very user-friendly, there is a learning curve associated with some of its advanced features.
  • Internet Dependence: As a cloud-based application, full functionality in Pixlr depends on an internet connection which may not be convenient every time.
  • Ads in Free Version: Some users may find these ads quite irritating since the free version of this software contains them inside free content.
  • Limited Offline Functionality: While you could do some things offline with Pixlr, you will need to go online for full functionality.


To sum it all up, Pixlr is a great option for newbies and experienced photo editors who can find a range of features on its platform. This app has a lot of powerful editing tools, different filters and effects, as well as possibilities to store and share your photos in the cloud. It’s so user-friendly that you don’t need to be tech-savvy to enjoy the benefits of its versatile features.

The software works flawlessly providing a smart editing experience. However, there might be some minor variations depending on device specifications. Pixlr values functionality and security alike, taking into account regular updates to address emerging requirements while maintaining users’ privacy.

The application has small drawbacks like a learning curve for advanced tools or reliance on internet connections; nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that Pixlr offers cost-effective pricing plans suitable for everyone’s pocket.

In general, Pixlr is a breakthrough in terms of photo editing applications providing an easy combination of availability, flexibility and quality. As such, if you are interested in social media stuff, or want to become a photographer or even an individual who loves beautiful pictures taken by himself/herself, then Pixlr should not be left uninstalled from your phone because it will assist you in making those pictures – the best ever!.


Q: How do I use Pixlr?

A: When using Pixlr, select a photo editor type (either basic or advanced), upload a picture and begin editing.

Q: Is pixlr like photoshop?

A: Definitely, it has most of Photoshop’s tools. It is an online image editor that caters for beginners in photography while Photoshop is intended for graphics professionals and artists.

Q: How can I add fonts in the Pixlr?

A: Load your editor (either E or X Pixlr) with an image. Upon selection of any image, click on Add Text then Add New Text and choose from the fonts dropdown menu Select Font which allows you to use local font from your computer.

Q: Where can I subscribe?

A: Pixlr Plus, Premium and Teams subscriptions can be purchased either here on the website or through our mobile apps available on Android and iOS platforms.

Q: Where can I use my subscription?

A: The purchase of any subscription from Pixlr gives you access across all platforms; this means that you will be able to enjoy Plus or Premium access on web, desktop and mobile devices as long as you are signed in to your Pixlr Account.

Q: What are my payment options?

A: Type in your Visa/MasterCard credit/debit card details or select PayPal. Your receipt will be sent to the email address that you subscribed at Pixlr.

On mobile apps, this is done via your device app store account payment method.

Q: Why am I unable to upgrade my plan?

A: The only way to perform an upgrade is through credit/debit card purchases as Paypal does not have this option. If you had previously paid using Paypal please contact info@pixlr.com so we can sort that out for you.

Q: How do I cancel my subscription?

A: This action can be done at any time from the My Account page. Once cancelled, premium features remain accessible until the end of the subscription term

Q: Does Pixlr remove the background?

A: With just a few clicks using Pixlrs AI-powered Remove Background tool, you can change or remove your background. It’s great for those who want to quickly and easily create amazing images.

Q: How do I blur in Pixel?

A: You have to access the Pixlr editor and upload your image. Hover around the toolbar’s left-hand side and click on the Blur Tool – it looks like a drop of water. This will allow you to put a blurring effect on your image.

Q: Can Pixlr do animations?

A: Pixlr’s animation tool is there if giving life to one’s creations is what you are all about. From simple, minimalist ones to dynamic animations, Pixlr has them all. Remember that sometimes less is more when it comes to animating something effectively so try it out with Pixlr today!

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