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Freshcaller Review 2024: Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

Freshcaller Review 2024

In a world that is constantly moving and where everything is digital, customer service can make or break a business. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services are considered the best in this field as they can enhance customer experience. Freshcaller is one of the top cloud-based call centre software providers that have brought about this change. It offers a range of features for small businesses and growing customer support teams which aim to streamline inbound/outbound calls, improve their quality as well as increase client satisfaction. In this comprehensive review, we will examine whether Freshcaller lives up to its hype or not.

What is Freshcaller?

Freshcaller is an innovative internet telephony system created by Freshworks; a leading global provider of customer engagement software designed for companies operating across various industries. This particular product has been tailored specifically towards smaller-scale contact centres and expanding enterprises alike. It does more than just efficiently handle day-to-day telephone transactions but also helps align your support strategies with performance data & analytics.

Key Features

  • Based on skills, time of day or other custom options, Smart Call Routing by Freshcaller ensures that every call reaches its intended recipient within your team.
  • Access to local phone numbers in over 90 countries enables your business to project a global presence, fostering customer confidence and increasing call pickup rates.
  • Different queues based on departments, skill levels etc., can be created allowing your agents to manage multiple concurrent calls effectively.
  • Supervisors can listen in to live conversations between customers and agents, whispering tips behind the scenes to representatives who need immediate assistance from managers. This improves the overall service quality provided by your organization.
  • Freshcaller provides rich insights through its advanced reporting capabilities that track things like number dialled/caller ID recorded, talk duration, agent involved, wrap-up time etc. When coupled together, these metrics help highlight areas where improvements should be made to bolster productivity levels among staff members.
  • With Call Conferencing, an agent can merge two or more calls effortlessly. This is useful when a customer needs to speak with another person within the company but they don’t want to hang up and make another call.
  • Another important feature is ACD, which stands for Automatic Call Distribution, meaning that calls are routed based on pre-set criteria such as longest idle time, number of calls answered etc. Setting up ACD ensures no call goes unanswered for long periods, preventing customers from getting frustrated. This also maximizes efficiency resources available within a given time frame so that all staff members tasked with answering inquiries receive equal workload share throughout the working day.
  • Voicemail allows customers to leave messages when nobody is available to take their calls. Voicemails can be customized with greetings and other instructions on how best they should be attended to.
  • Freshcaller allows you to record any conversation made through it. These recordings may serve as proof of quality assurance purposes, ensuring compliance with industry standards. New agents who join the organization can be trained on what constitutes good practice for handling different types of queries received from clients via telephone line with these recordings.

User Experience & Performance

Freshcaller keeps its interface sleek and easy to use so that even agents who are new to customer support can start working right away. Upon logging in, you will see the dashboard which displays call queues, ongoing calls, as well as agent availability. This user-friendly design allows you to navigate through many functions easily, enabling you to concentrate more on giving excellent service to customers rather than grappling with complex software.

Simple Configuration and Integration

Freshcaller User Interface

Among the most notable things about Freshcaller is how quickly you can set it up. Companies can install a call centre within just a few hours without requiring any specialized support from their IT department. Moreover, this system works seamlessly with numerous CRM systems helpdesk solutions and other third-party applications. This provides an integrated toolkit that enhances both agent performance and client satisfaction.

Enhanced Call Quality

Freshcaller call monitoring

Irrespective of whether it is the caller or receiver who has a poor connection or where they are located geographically, every conversation over Freshcaller will always be crystal clear, thanks to the VoIP technology used by this platform. To maintain professionalism and ensure no vital information gets lost while being passed on from one person to another via telephone communication; it facilitates high-quality conversations.

Mobile App Accessibility

Freshcaller Mobile App

Freshcaller understands the need for mobility in today’s workplaces. Therefore, they have created a mobile application which does everything that can be done on the desktop version of their program. Agents can take calls, access customer data and collaborate with team members from anywhere, anytime. This makes it possible for your business to support remote working or hybrid working environments without interrupting customer service operations.

Performance Analysis

Freshcaller Performance Analysis

There are several advanced analytics panels offered by Freshcaller which provide managers with real-time insights into various aspects of call centre performance such as call volume trends; agent availability as well as customer satisfaction scores among others. Managers can now make decisions grounded on facts about how best they can improve team performance or enhance call-handling processes based on the feedback received through such tools.

To sum up, the usability and performance of Freshcaller are created to cater for current customer support teams’ needs. Its simplicity in setting up, integration capabilities, call quality optimization; and mobile friendliness together with comprehensive analysis work hand in hand, improving the efficiency of customer support work.


Freshcaller has a competitive pricing strategy. There is a free plan for small teams while at the same time offering scalable options as businesses grow, positioning itself as being affordable compared to many other similar service providers operating within this industry segment. Have a look at the pricing structure offered by Freshcaller:

Freshcaller Pricing



To make its system more efficient and optimize various business processes, Freshcaller has created several integrations. These can be found in the Freshcaller Marketplace, which showcases applications across multiple categories including sales, marketing, CRM and e-commerce.

Salesforce Integration

The integration between Freshcaller and Salesforce allows your business to manage customer relationships alongside sales activities. Synchronizing call data helps in improving client interactions as well as enabling agents to have direct access to customer insights from Freshcaller within Salesforce.

Zendesk Sales Integration

Connecting Zendesk Sales with Freshcaller creates a seamless experience when it comes to managing sales activities. During calls, agents can view their clients’ sales information, facilitating informed conversations and follow-ups.

Pipedrive Integration

Freshcaller’s integration with Pipedrive is designed to streamline sales pipeline management. Sales teams can easily track deals during calls by allowing them access to Pipedrive data, making it easy to manage contracts effectively.

Zoho CRM Integration

By integrating Zoho CRM with Freshcaller, your company will be able to improve your customer relationship management. This means that staff can have personalized interaction since they can access customer data directly with Freshcaller from Zoho CRM.

AgileCRM Integration

Alignment of marketing, sales and service on one platform is what  AgileCRM does once integrated with the Freshcaller. This approach enables businesses to engage customers uniformly while at the same time enhancing productivity through better data management systems.

Freshsales CRM App

When you integrate the Freshsales CRM app with Freshcaller, it provides one place for managing both calls and customer relationships which enhances productivity levels plus the engagement of different people within an organization.

E-commerce Integrations (Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento)

To have a better understanding of your customers’ needs; integrate popular e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Bigcommerce, WooCommerce and Magento into Freshcaller so that you can retrieve information relating to their order history when providing them with tailored support services.

For more detailed instructions and setup guides for these integrations, you can visit the Freshcaller Marketplace or their support pages.

Advantages & Disadvantages


Ease of Use: This system has been designed with an intuitive interface that is very easy to use, making it possible for people who lack technical skills to utilize all its functions without any difficulties.

Global Presence: With access to local numbers from more than 90 countries worldwide; Freshcaller allows businesses to establish themselves almost anywhere thus building trust and increasing connection rates with international clients.

Extra Features: There are various features like intelligent routing of calls; detailed monitoring of calls made as well as robust analytics on different aspects which greatly contribute towards effectiveness in customer service delivery.

Scalability: It can accommodate enterprises at different stages such as small startups or growing companies hence, being flexible enough even when needs change over time.

Quality Control: When recording conversations between staff members and customers there may arise a need to check whether they meet certain standards. This can be done through the call recording feature available in this program so that those involved can listen again later on during training sessions or when verifying compliance issues.


Price: For some small organizations, cost may become one factor they must consider. If advanced capabilities are being employed or international numbers are required, using the Freshcaller system could be costly.

Dependence on Internet Connection: Since all operations are conducted via the Internet, any instability experienced within connectivity will directly affect voice clarity levels during conversations held over phone lines. This impacts negatively on efficiency displayed by agents assisting clients through calls.

Feature Fatigue: Even though many features are good, some users might perceive them as complicated and require only a few functions to work with.

Restricted Personalization: There have been complaints from users about the inability of Freshcaller to adapt certain parts of it according to particular business requirements or activities.

Difficulties in Understanding: New users may find it difficult to comprehend every feature and capability provided by Freshcaller especially if they are not well-versed with VoIP systems.


While Freshcaller is characterized by a wide range of features aimed at improving customer service, numerous other alternative business VoIP systems could be considered depending on specific requirements, budget or scale among other factors. Here are some of its top competitors and substitutes with an analysis of their main functionalities and potential advantages.


Providing more than just call management services, RingCentral is a complete unified communication system boasting features like video conferencing, team messaging and file sharing in addition to voice over internet protocol (VoIP) call handling capabilities. It is suitable for enterprises of all sizes looking for one communication platform that does everything.


Also competing in this space is Aircall which stands out because it integrates well with popular CRM software such as Salesforce or HubSpot. Being easy to use without compromising its power, startups would find it useful since it helps them work faster while still keeping track of important data through their existing CRM systems. This means that small businesses can have seamless integration between their phone system and CRM platforms for better efficiency and knowledge management.


Among various voice-over-internet protocol solutions, 8×8 offers voice, video chat and unified contact centre services. However, what makes them unique is advanced analytics as well as reporting tools that allow organizations to make decisions based on facts rather than guesswork. Moreover, international coverage provided by 8×8 is available in more than a hundred countries worldwide. This may come in handy when dealing with clients outside national borders.


Vonage has many cloud-hosted VoIP products, including SMS text messaging, and audio or video conferencing. These can be easily customized according to different business needs. The ability to integrate with most CRMs remains one of its strengths, allowing organizations to select applications which best suit their requirements.


Designed primarily for small businesses, Ooma is a simple yet powerful voice-over-internet protocol solution that focuses on call clarity as well as reliability, even though it lacks some advanced features found in other systems. Pricing is competitive and there are no complex settings to configure because everything works out of the box.

When looking at an alternative system to Freshcaller, enterprises need to factor in aspects such as team size, integration complexity with existing tools or services used within the organization itself and cost implications among others. Each of these options comes with unique functionalities therefore, businesses need to assess them based on their particular requirements for customer interaction and support.


The communication needs of businesses are constantly evolving, especially in the area of customer support. That being said, Freshcaller is a strong and user-friendly VoIP solution. This conclusion can be drawn from its numerous features, consistent performance and affordability which ensures that it remains competitive in the market thus making it attractive for small businesses seeking to improve their customer support services. So are you ready to take your customer service to the next level? Freshcaller is definitely worth a closer look!


Q: What is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and how does Freshcaller use it?

A: VoIP is an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol. Freshcaller uses this technology to make calls on the Internet instead of traditional telephone lines, thereby providing more elasticity and scalability for businesses.

Q: Can Freshcaller be integrated with other Freshworks products?

A: Yes, Freshcaller can be seamlessly integrated with other Freshworks products to foster a more unified customer support experience as well as streamlined workflows.

Q: What features make Freshcaller good for small businesses?

A: It is characterized by being cheap, easy to set up, and having many functions that are suitable for small-scale operation among others which makes it ideal for such enterprises.

Q: Is technical know-how necessary when setting up a Freshcaller?

A: No. It has a user interface that anyone can navigate through easily without needing any prior knowledge of how things work technically, making it convenient even for those who do not possess them.

Q: How does a Freshcaller guarantee call quality?

A: It ensures reliable internet-based calls so long as there is a stable internet connection available.

Q: Can we record calls in Freshcaller for training purposes?

A: Yes. They can be recorded for quality assurance, training and compliance purposes among others where applicable or needed as per the company’s policies too.

Q: Does Freshcaller offer customer support?

A: Yes. They have excellent customer support services which means that they will always be ready to help you out whenever you encounter any problem while using their product(s).

Q: Are there any limits on the number of calls that can be made?

A: There are no such restrictions imposed by them but depending on your chosen pricing plan; its usage may vary accordingly too.

Q: Can teams from different countries use Freshcaller together?

A: Definitely yes! This software supports international phone numbers covering more than 90 nations globally.

Q: What happens to after-hours calls in Freshcallers?

A: They can set up customizable voicemail greetings so that queries are attended to even when it is outside official working hours for the company.

Q: Can I monitor ongoing calls on Freshcaller in real-time?

A: Yes. Supervisors can do so as they take place which also enables them to guide or intervene where needed This ensures customer satisfaction.

Q: Does Freshcaller support call conferencing?

A: Yes. You can connect with multiple stakeholders at once without experiencing difficulties or disruptions.

Q: What type of analytics does a Freshcaller provide?

A: Different metrics including call volumes, wait times and agent productivity among others are tracked by Freshcaller through their comprehensive analytics toolset.

Q: Can we customize Freshcaller based on our specific business needs?

A: Indeed yes! Customizable call queues and routing options can be created according to individual organization requirements thus enabling seamless integration into various operational environments too.

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