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Freshchat Review 2024: Key Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

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Are you feeling overwhelmed by the endless sea of customer engagement tools on the market? It can be like running through a maze with no end in sight. Each tool promises to improve customer interactions and boost user experience, but how do you determine which one is right for your business? Enter Freshchat – the perfect blend of human presence and chatbot efficiency.

But don’t just take our word for it. Is Freshchat the solution to all your customer support problems? Our comprehensive review will break down what makes Freshchat stand out from the crowd. By the end, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to determine if Freshchat is the right fit for your business needs. Are you ready to dive in??

What is Freshchat?

Freshchat, created by Freshworks, is a conversational customer engagement software that brings user-centric and context-driven interactions into any part of your business. It lets your business connect with customers on different messaging platforms; consolidate those conversations in one chat window; personalize user experience at scale using AI; and effectively handle high-volume inquiries from customers.

Freshchat is multi-channel — whether it’s live chat on your website or WhatsApp for Business, Apple Business Chat or Facebook Messenger being the preferred channel among your customers — it adapts. Its AI meets HI (human intelligence) offering “customer support at its best.”

Key Features

Multi-channel & Integrations

Freshchat Multichannel Integration

The strength of Freshchat lies in its ability to bring together customer interactions happening across various messaging channels/platforms. Customers no longer conform to only one channel for communication — Freshchat meets them wherever they are, through website chat, social media platforms or messaging apps.

Integrating with popular service APIs as well as CRMs such as Salesforce among other collaborative tools ensures that all these messages get centralized. This not only streamlines how you communicate with your customers but also provides more context for support agents.

Omnichannel Approach

Freshcaller Omnichannel approach

What sets Fresh Chats apart from others is its holistic approach to conversation continuity; where they don’t just limit conversations within browsers on desktops but allow them to bleed seamlessly into mobile messages and third-party in-app messaging platforms.

AI-powered Bots & Automation

Freshcaller Automation and Chatbot

Freshchat uses AI chatbots that can handle routine queries/transactions,  freeing up more time for human agents to deal with complex customer issues. Chatbots aren’t a new invention, however, what sets apart Freshchat is the natural language processing capabilities that aim at closely mimicking human conversation.

Automations enable routing customer queries to the appropriate customer service team or agent based on factors like the user’s profile, keywords used during previous interactions with the bot and even the current context of their conversation to provide faster and more relevant help.

Customization and Personalization

Freshcaller Customisation

Freshchat is not inflexible when it comes to its engagement strategies. It allows companies a lot of freedom in customizing how they reach out to customers, making sure that it resonates with their brand’s voice and keeps up its identity. Additionally, personalization capabilities are very extensive so that every interaction —  whether automated or human-led — is specific to where the user finds it.

Real-time Analytics

Freshcaller Real time analytics

Without insights, you’re just reporting numbers; Freshchat knows this very well. You can make data-driven decisions which directly affect customer engagement strategy, thanks to real-time analytics on your chats’ satisfaction levels and chatbot performance as well as interactions with clients.

Self-service Capabilities

Freshcaller self service

Apart from being the platform that provides direct contact between businesses and their technical support teams, Freshchat also allows corporations to set up self-service tools such as knowledge bases and solution articles. A customer who got information with the help of a guide from your Freshchat window would not only appreciate getting their issue solved quickly but also serve as an important lesson for customer retention.

Priority Inbox and Canned Responses

Freshcaller canned responses

To help support agents work better, Freshchat has provided them with a priority inbox where high-priority problems are automatically sorted out. More so, FAQs can be answered by your representatives using predetermined responses so that they maintain uniformity while communicating with different customers all day long.

Usability & Performance

User Interface and Experience

The simple design of the interface makes it easy for you to use Freshchat — even if you have never used any similar program before. The dashboard is clean and minimalistic without sacrificing functionality, ensuring quick learning curves among new users. This reduces the onboarding time needed, increasing productivity.

Performance Efficiency

In terms of performance, Freshchat doesn’t disappoint. If anything it should be commended for its speed and responsiveness. A delay-free delivery system that can handle large numbers of messages simultaneously without affecting their quality is exactly what every company needs to keep clients happy. This is made possible by Freshchat’s ability to process many conversations at once even during peak hours when most businesses receive the highest number of inquiries from customers seeking assistance on various issues.

Mobile Experience

Regarding mobile devices which have become dominant platforms in today’s digital world, Freshchat offers powerful applications for both iOS and Android operating systems. These apps allow support teams to stay connected with clients, no matter where they are so long as there is an internet connection. Moreover, functionality has not been compromised because all features found on the desktop version are also present on these mobile ones, ensuring no loss in usability, especially among enterprises that have a majority of remote or field workforce.

Customization and Scalability

Usability can never be achieved without customization. Fortunately, Freshchat understands this very well. There are numerous ways through which you can personalize your accounts, ranging from changing chat window colours, to messaging rules. This makes sure everyone finds something suitable for them here. On top of that, scalability has been taken care of too since Freshchat can grow alongside your business regardless of whether you’re expanding your client base or increasing the size of the support team needed to handle such growth.


The tech industry often overlooks accessibility as one important aspect but not Freshchat — it ensures that even persons living with disabilities can easily access its site by following modern web standards regarding inclusion. This alone widens the user bracket significantly while giving a positive impression about those organizations which prioritize having accessible customer service tools like Freshchat in place for use by everybody.

To put it in a nutshell, the user-friendliness and efficiency of Freshchat were created keeping in mind the needs of today’s customer support teams. Its easy-to-use interface with mobile support, customization options and accessibility focus also contribute to its power as a great solution for improving customer conversations and support experiences.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Onboarding is made easy with Freshchat’s seamless sync to your existing tech ecosystem.
  • The AI capabilities are said to promise smart automation that will save a lot of repetitive customer support teamwork.
  • The system has an appealing interface which increases user adoption and makes it pleasant for both agents and customers.
  • Freshchat personalizes communication at scale with the help of AI, something that would be humanly impossible alone.
  • The support system is responsive, quick and helpful — just like what Freshchat wants for its clients.


  • Paid plans could be priced on the higher side when compared with other similar software although there is a free-tier offer by Freshchat.
  •  Despite being intuitive in design, some users might experience difficulties in fully utilizing Freshchat’s potential which may require some time before you can harness everything effectively.
  • Many features could make some users feel overwhelmed as they might have too many tools than necessary for their needs.


Here is the pricing structure for Freshchat. Have a look:

Freshchat Pricing



Intercom is a powerful customer messaging platform that takes pride in its personalized approach towards engaging with customers through conversations. Unlike Freshchat, Intercom also has strong marketing automation features which enable businesses not only to support but also engage website visitors and convert them throughout their lifecycle. Some notable features within the rich ecosystem include targeted messaging based on user behavior and; a customizable messaging interface as well as advanced analytics capability etc.

Zendesk Chat

Formerly known as Zopim, Zendesk Chat is part of a modern messaging solution integrated into Zendesk’s broader customer service platform with a specific focus on live chat support. It stands out for simplicity and tight integration with other Zendesk products that ensure a unified agent workspace environment. In addition, being real-time engagement-oriented maximizes response efficiency through personalization of customer interactions etc.


This one is all about speed and efficiency in optimizing the customer service experience. Being equipped with a robust ticketing system, detailed reporting capabilities as well as customizable live chat tools/widgets among other features; LiveChat suits those looking for an easy yet powerful solution to turn support into sales opportunities quickly and without hassle — especially if you are running time-sensitive operations.


Drift positions itself not only as a support but also enables active sales through its chat functionalities. AI-driven chatbots that book meetings and qualify leads can be particularly appealing for sales-focused organizations which use various sales and marketing tools.


Tidio captures small and medium-sized businesses by providing them with affordable live-chat capability, With an intuitive interface design that requires no coding skills, adoption is easy across the board including non-tech savvy staff members,

These are just some examples of alternatives available on the market today, each offering unique features/benefits suited to different business needs. You can choose depending on what you value the most.


Are you looking for customer messaging software that’s ahead of its time? Well, look no further than Freshchat! It’s not your average messaging tool – it combines the power of AI and human intelligence to give your business the ultimate omnichannel experience. Plus, it integrates with popular CRMs and services, so you can rest assured that it’s a robust solution for your business needs.

Of course, like any software, Freshchat has its pros and cons. It may not be the best option for those on a tight budget or those with small-scale operations. But, if you’re a business that values modern AI-driven approaches to customer engagement, then Freshchat is the perfect fit for you.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take your customer support to the next level! Give Freshchat a try and see the difference for yourself


Q: What is Freshchat?

A: Freshchat is a new messaging software created for teams to reach their customers through various methods.

Q: Is Freshchat free?

A: Yeah, they have a plan called ‘Sprout’ that’s free forever. It has basic features which are good for small teams.

Q: Can Freshchat integrate with other platforms?

A: Yes, it can easily be integrated with several platforms and CRMs, thereby extending its capabilities and usability.

Q: Does Freshchat have AI assistance?

A: Certainly, it uses AI technology to automate responses and help with customer interactions.

Q: What support resources does Freshchat provide?

A: They offer a responsive customer support system that covers email and chat support under the ‘Forest’ plan in particular.

Q: How does Freshchat handle high-traffic volumes?

A: It scales well and handles high traffic volumes efficiently, ensuring performance and stability are maintained.

Q: Are there any learning resources available for Freshchat?

A: Yes, there are guides, articles and customer support aimed at helping users get the most out of the platform.

Q: What can Freshchat do for my business?

A: It can improve customer engagement; streamline support operations; and effectively manage communications across channels.

Q: What sets Freshchat apart from competitors in this space?

A: Its intuitive user interface design coupled with AI-assisted interactions as well as scalability makes it stand out among others on offer today – perfect for modern businesses!

Q: Can Freshchat personalize customer interactions?

A: Absolutely! With AI-based systems like these around us, now we don’t need human intervention anymore–they make everything more fun too 😊

Q: Is there an agent limit in the free plan?

A: No, you can have unlimited agents chatting in the ‘Sprout’ without paying anything!

Q: How does the priority inbox work?

A: Priority inbox automatically filters high-priority customer issues so that agents can quickly attend to them

Q: Can Freshchat be used for sales and marketing purposes?

A: For sure! It’s primarily customer messaging software but it does offer some functionalities that can support sales and marketing activities too.

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