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Mailbutler Review 2024: Comprehensive Analysis of Features & Pricing

Are you tired of feeling lost in a sea of emails every day? Do you wish there was a way to simplify your inbox and manage your emails more efficiently? Look no further than Mailbutler! This revolutionary tool is changing the game when it comes to email management. With Mailbutler, you’ll be able to schedule emails to send at the perfect time, track their performance, and seamlessly follow up on them. Plus, it works with a variety of email clients, so you can use it no matter what you prefer.

Whether you’re a busy entrepreneur juggling multiple projects, a freelancer looking to stay organized, or just someone who wants to optimize their email communication, Mailbutler can help. It turns an ordinary email client into a productivity hub, making it easier than ever to stay on top of your inbox.

So why wait? Say goodbye to email overwhelm and hello to a more efficient and productive way of managing your inbox with Mailbutler.

Key Features

Email Planning

MailButler Email Planning

You can plan your emails to be sent later with Mailbutler. This is helpful when you want to make sure that your email arrives in someone’s inbox on time and that they see it at the right moment. Especially if dealing with clients from different time zones or organizing tasks for a day, this feature guarantees that your message will not go unnoticed.

Follow-Up Reminders

Mailbutler Follow up reminders

It is easy to forget about important emails when there are so many things happening during the day. Mailbutler allows setting reminders for follow-ups, which means no email will remain unanswered and no additional stress will be created trying to keep up with professional commitments.

Email Tracking

Mailbutler Email Tracking

Whether an email has been opened or ignored might have a great impact on what should be done next in communication. With the help of real-time information provided by Mailbutler about who, when and where exactly has opened your email, you can understand how interested your recipient is and adjust your follow-up strategy accordingly.

Signature Templates

Mailbutler Signature Template

The way we sign our letters significantly influences their perception as well as overall success rate. Creating a professional-looking signature that would also match personal style or brand image could be quite challenging without any help from outside. That’s why Mailbutler comes with various customizable signature templates which make this process much easier than ever before.

Task Management

Mailbutler Task Management

Task management features offered by Mailbutler allow converting emails into tasks directly within the inbox itself. This way you won’t miss anything and will be able to work more effectively just using your email interface.

Snooze Feature

Mailbutler Snooze Feature

Not every mail requires an instant reply but it is also true that if you don’t deal with it immediately, then you may forget about such a letter forevermore… In order not to lose less urgent messages while prioritizing other tasks, there exists a so-called “snooze” function. This option lets temporarily hide some emails until they become relevant again thus, helping you stay focused on what matters at each given point in time.

Message Templates

Mailbutler Message Template

For those who often send similar emails, message templates provided by Mailbutler can save lots of effort. Instead of composing the same letter again and again, you should create a template for frequently used responses or inquiries so that further communication might be streamlined even more.

All these features make Mailbutler an incredibly powerful tool for email productivity enhancement as well as overall optimization of communication flow within any organization or individual work process. No matter if you work in sales, customer service or any other field heavily relying on electronic mail, this program will help you do things faster, improving your performance alongside professional outreach ability.

What Makes Mailbutler Interface Great?


The interface of this program is user-centric and visually attractive too. You can find your way around its features easily without needing much learning. Thus, it suits all types of users, from experts in technology to those who do not know much about email management tools.


You are allowed to customize many things in this system so that they can fit into your style or way of doing things. For instance, you may decide on setting up signature templates while another organizes emails through tasks; Mailbutler works with any workflow.

Smooth Integration

Another thing users love most about Mailbutler is how well it integrates with other email clients that people use daily worldwide. What happens here is simple: after installation, these two systems merge harmoniously in a way that none will interfere with the other’s business.

Quick Support

Whenever there have been any issues or questions regarding Mailbutler, customers have always appreciated the fact that their support staff were very responsive and helpful as well. This means if something goes wrong or you don’t understand anything, then just ask them for assistance right away.

Frequent Upgrading

The last reason why individuals like using this application is because developers keep updating it frequently based on feedback given by its users. They have a desire to grow continuously while making sure everyone who uses the product becomes happier than they were yesterday.

How to Install and Set Up Mailbutler?

Mailbutler installation and setup are smooth as it only fits in with your current email system. These are the steps;

Visit the Official Website:

Go to the Mailbutler website, then click on the “Sign Up” button to register a new account. You can use an email address or sign up through Google for faster access.

Select Your Plan:

Different plans are available in Mailbutler including a free basic option that can be used according to different needs. Choose the plan which suits your requirements best; remember you can upgrade later if more features are needed.

Download and Install the Plugin:

Download the Mailbutler plugin/extension for your email client once you have registered and chosen a plan. Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook or Gmail through browser extensions are supported by MailButler plugins.

Integrate with Your Email Client:

After downloading run the installation file and follow the prompts shown to integrate the Mailbutler into your email client. For Gmail users who use Chrome, you may need to add an extension via the web store. This step should not be skipped if you want all functions within reach of your inbox.

Log In to Your Account:

Open whichever application you were using before, enter the necessary credentials and log in. This will connect MB with that particular app thereby, allowing direct usage while accessing mails from there henceforth.

Customize Settings:

Upon successful completion of installations, go ahead and customize settings within the MB dashboard. Do not forget one thing: personalization must take place! Use signature templates, message templates, schedule emails etc., depending on what makes sense for you at any given time.

Discover Features:

Now that everything has already been set, let us explore some features offered by MB to streamline our lives when it comes to efficiently managing emails. Try sending out emails at different times, track important ones received earlier on, or even convert them into tasks. Organize accordingly just to see how things work out.

Following these steps will get Mailbutler up and running which in turn transforms the emailing experience altogether. But if anything goes wrong during installation, don’t hesitate to ask for assistance from the support team.

Advanced Natural Language Processing and Generation in Mailbutler

Mailbutler uses advanced technology to make managing emails easier for you. These technologies are mainly based on natural language processing (NLP) and generation. Let’s take a closer look at what they can do:

Intelligent Email Authoring

With the help of natural language generation, Mailbutler can assist you in composing emails more quickly. Understanding the context and meaning behind the message, suggests wording and completion that aids in creating professional-sounding mails.

Email Summarization

Mailbutler’s NLP comes in handy when dealing with long or complicated messages by summarizing them into short points. This allows for faster understanding without missing out on any important details which is especially useful for people working with many emails daily.

Sentiment Analysis

Incoming emails can be checked by Mailbutler for their tone or sentiment thus, giving an insight into how the sender feels about something. It is especially important in customer service where knowing whether a person is happy or upset can help choose a better response strategy, leading to more engagement and ultimately conflict resolution.

Automatic Email Categorization

By looking at what’s inside each letter as well as around it (context), Mailbutler can figure out where it belongs among predetermined folders. So instead of doing everything manually, this feature allows you to organize your inbox smarter so that you can know which messages require immediate attention and those that don’t.

Smart Reply Suggestions

Based on NLP, short relevant answers may be proposed to different letters, so that you could respond faster. This works best when acknowledging receipts or answering frequently asked questions where there is no need to type out detailed replies every time.

Language Translation

Those who communicate with international contacts regularly will appreciate how seamlessly languages are translated within incoming/outgoing emails, thanks to Mailbutler’s ability here as well. This ensures nothing gets lost in translation, promoting smooth communication between different parts of the world.

All these features reflect Mailbutler’s ambition of using modern software to solve daily problems associated with email management. It is, therefore, through such advanced natural language processing and generation abilities that Mailbutler not only improves productivity but also makes the whole process more enjoyable.

Integration with Third-Party Software

Email management is enhanced by Mailbutler through its feature sets, but it also boasts compatibility with many other popular tools and platforms which further extends its capabilities. Through these integrations, you can optimize your workflow in such a way that the software aligns perfectly well with your already existing productivity ecosystem. Some of the major integrations are as follows:


In this case, Mailbutler allows you to convert emails into Trello cards directly, which is very important for task tracking since teams can easily monitor email-based duties alongside other Trello activities without any problem at all.


Integration of Evernote with Mailbutler enables you to save important emails directly into Evernote. This implies that notes can be created in Evernote based on key information contained in an email, making it easy for later reference and efficient data organization.


A Slack integration allows you to receive notifications about email activities within selected Slack channels. This helps in improving communication among team members concerning email tasks or updates.

Google Drive & Dropbox

Integrating Mailbutler with cloud storage services like Google Drive where you can attach files from these services right into your emails or have them automatically saved ensures backup copies are created for all documents sent via mail.


With this connection established between Asana and MailButler; turning emails into tasks within Asana becomes a piece of cake. This helps project managers capture and track every single task, including those coming from mail at one central location.


The beauty behind having Zoom integrated into Mailbutler is that you can quickly add Zoom meeting links to your messages when setting up virtual meetings without necessarily switching between apps.


If you use Salesforce then don’t worry. Thanks to Mailbutler’s integration, now you can log all your email interactions as activities within Salesforce. This makes sure that every talk made with a prospect or customer is recorded and can be seen in the CRM.

This not only makes Mailbutler a powerful email management tool but also positions it as one of those components that form part of an extensive productivity and communication infrastructure. What’s more?? These integrations demonstrate its ability to adapt & supercharge workflows across different tools and platforms, giving you an all-around answer to better email organization.

Customization Options

Mailbutler acknowledges that everyone has different requirements for email management. With this in mind, it offers a range of customization options that allow you to adapt the software to meet your specific needs. Here are some features you can personalize when using Mailbutler:

Preferences for Notifications

What type of notification do you want? How often should it pop up on your screen? These are questions that Mailbutler allows you to answer by giving multiple options for notification preferences. The aim is to ensure that you get notified about important emails or activities without having them constantly updated.

Customize Signature

You can create your email signatures with Mailbutler. Also, you can design and apply custom ones too. You’re allowed to include images, hyperlinks as well as rich text formatting which will make them look professional and personalized at the same time.

Create Email Templates

If there are any repetitive emails which you send frequently, then this feature will come in handy for sure! With Mailbutlers’ ability to create and save templates; you do not need an extra effort while sending such messages because everything has already been pre-arranged, enabling consistency throughout your communications.

Snooze settings

Decide how and when emails reappear in your inbox by setting up snooze settings according to your preference so that they are prioritized effectively, focusing on what’s important without losing track of less urgent stuff.

Rules for Email Processing

This is where things start getting complicated but still interesting at the same time! Advanced users have the option of creating rules for automatic email processing based on factors like sender, subject line etc. Auto-replying includes forwarding as well as tagging, providing greater control over the management system.

Integration Customization

Integration with other tools is possible through the Mailbutlers customization feature where you can choose what integration should be activated and how they interact with the software to fit it seamlessly into your existing productivity ecosystem, enhancing efficiency.

These are just but a few examples of the many things you can do with Mailbutler. The most important thing is that it offers solutions for all types of users regardless of their level; whether basic or advanced, something is waiting for everyone who signs up!


Mailbutler has different plans which cater for various needs plus budgets. That implies whether one wants an individual account (free basic plan) or even business accounts with team collaboration options included there is always something for all who wish to maximize their email management experiences.

Have a look:

Mailbutler Pricing


Performance and Speed

Mailbutler has been tested thoroughly and used under real-world conditions that prove how fast it works in managing emails. Here we evaluate some of its strengths as well as areas that need improvement;


  • Quick Integration and Setup: Considering the need for simplicity during setting up this software, it can be said to have a user-friendly interface with streamlined steps which make integration with other existing email services or productivity tools easier and faster. With such a fast integration process, individuals can optimize their email management within no time.
  • Real-Time Notifications: This is one area where Mailbutler does not disappoint at all. It provides instant notifications, ensuring quick responses and keeping track of emergency issues. Such alerts prevent important messages from being ignored.
  • Speed of Customization: When talking about making adjustments according to personal preference like notification settings among others, this program allows you to do so quickly without experiencing any difficulties along the way. You can even create your templates for different types of emails within seconds besides improving productivity without wasting much time.
  • Workflow Automation Efficiency: What makes Mailbutler stand out is its ability to automate repetitive tasks thereby, saving time. For instance, it can create tasks from emails and classify them into different folders. This means that workflows are faster as people concentrate on more important duties.

Areas for Improvement

  • Syncing Across Devices: Although everything seems perfect when you use Mailbutler on one device, things may start becoming messy especially if there are frequent switches between various gadgets. Some people have noticed some delays when synchronizing custom settings or updates done on one machine with others. This could lead to frustration hence, instant synchronization should be considered an option.
  • Processing Heavy Attachments:  It is worth mentioning that although this application handles emails well enough up to native integrations; however, uploading or downloading large files attached to emails sometimes takes longer than expected particularly during third-party cloud storage services integration.
  • Third-Party Integrations: Another thing about Mailbutler is that although it works well with many platforms, some third-party integrations may not perform equally fast or efficiently as expected based on their popularity levels. There should be an increased performance across all tools so that every integration becomes smooth and quickens user experience at large.

Mailbutler can maintain high performances by improving in these areas which will make you choose it over other email management systems.

Customer Support

The quality of customer support offered by Mailbutler is an important part of its service and sets it apart from other email management solutions. Users often praise how quickly and effectively the support team at Mailbutler responds, describing interactions as fast and friendly which greatly improves their experience. Whether it’s answering technical questions, giving advice on customization features or helping troubleshoot problems, not only do they make sure that answers come promptly but also that they are workable ones. This commitment to providing excellent customer service builds trust with users while also establishing Mailbutler as a reliable partner in email productivity optimization.

Additionally, Mailbutler continuously updates its software with user feedback and developments in email management technology, so that people can use it for sustainable efficiency gains over time.

Security Measures

Mailbutler realizes the importance of securing user data and creating a safe working environment. Therefore, the following are integrated into the software to enhance safety:

End-to-end Encryption: All communication between Mailbutler servers and your devices is encrypted end-to-end hence protecting against unauthorized access.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Two-factor authentication (2FA) is supported by Mailbutler as an additional security measure whereby two different types of identification must be provided before you can access your account thus significantly minimizing chances for unauthorized entry.

Secure Data Storage: Servers used for keeping client information meet high levels of security plus privacy requirements while regular checks ensure compliance with current safety protocols.

Frequent Software Updates: To fix any bugs discovered or improve security measures implemented within its system over time; Mailbutler undertakes frequent software updates where such changes shall automatically reflect upon your installations. This ensures everyone benefits from the latest enhancements made towards safeguarding their accounts better.

Privacy Controls: You have full control over your privacy settings such that you can determine what data is shared with whom. Mailbutler abides by strict privacy policies that guarantee confidentiality and integrity when dealing with user information.

By incorporating these security measures, Mailbutler provides a safe environment for email management thus shielding people’s data from potential risks.


As of 2024, MailButler faces competition from several email productivity tools, each offering unique features and pricing structures:


Boomerang is a productivity tool for emails that has many features which help improve email experience. One of its main components is scheduling emails. You can draft messages and specify when they should be sent. This is particularly useful for timing or when someone wants to follow up with another person at some point in time. Reminders are also given by Boomerang if no reply has been received within a certain time frame from sending an email. Furthermore, its inbox pause feature allows you to stop incoming emails temporarily so that you can concentrate on other tasks without being interrupted. Pricing starts at $4.99 per month for personal use and $14.99 per month for professional use.


Another player in the email productivity space is FollowUp.cc,  which focuses on email tracking, reminders, and follow-up scheduling among others as well. You may gain insights into recipient engagement by knowing when your emails have been opened and clicked, thanks to email tracking provided by this platform. Apart from ensuring that you stay on top of your communication by sending reminders for important unsent replies, it also enables you to schedule follow-ups at better times, increasing your chances of getting a response. Pricing starts at $18 per month for basic features and goes up to $49 per month for advanced features.


Mixmax provides an all-inclusive solution aimed at making communication through emails more efficient while enhancing productivity too — all under one roof! Some of the key features offered include tracking emails; templates; automation such as drip campaigns & sequences etc. When using Mixmax, you’ll save time because you can schedule meetings straight from your inbox instead of having back-and-forth communications via different channels like phone calls or text messages. Pricing starts at $9 per user per month for basic features and goes up to $65 per user per month for advanced features.


Mailtrack concentrates on email tracking for Gmail users with free plans being available as well as those which are paid. You are notified when emails have been opened and this is done in real-time so that you can tell whether it was read or not. Also, it allows you to know how many times the same message has been opened by the recipient.

In addition, Mailtrack gives more detailed information about who has clicked on a link within an email and at what time, which may provide some insight into their level of interest, enabling deeper understanding. It offers both free and premium plans, with premium plans starting at $5.49 per month for additional features like real-time notifications and unlimited tracking.


Yesware is another competitor with its main features being email tracking, templates, and analytics. With Yesware, you will be able to track if your mail was opened or not and also you can see how many times it has been viewed by the receiver. Yesware allows you to create professional emails faster through ready-made customizable templates. It integrates well alongside CRM systems, making it useful for salespeople and marketers who want seamless management of customer relationships involving various touch points like social media interactions, phone calls, and appointments. Pricing starts at $12 per user per month for basic features and goes up to $55 per user per month for advanced features.

Each platform reviewed here has its strengths that may make one better suited than another depending on your preferences and needs, so take your pick rightly!!


If you’re looking for a one-stop solution to manage your emails effectively, then Mailbutler should be on your radar. With its customizable features, real-time notifications, and workflow automation, it strikes the perfect balance between efficiency and security. And the best part? It’s always working hard behind the scenes to keep your data private and secure. If you want to streamline your personal or professional digital communication, then MailButler is the way to go. Don’t miss out on boosting your productivity and taking control of your inbox!


Q: What is Mailbutler?

A: Mailbutler is an email extension that works with Apple Mail, Gmail and Outlook to provide additional tools for productivity.

Q: How does it improve email productivity?

A: It can do many things like tracking emails, managing tasks, snoozing emails, scheduling emails, creating email signatures and templates etc.

Q: How can I install it?

A: You can download the software from the official website and then follow the installation guide provided to integrate it with your email client.

Q: Is there a mobile version of Mailbutler?

A: Yes! You can use this service on your mobile device too – manage emails and tasks on the go!

Q: How does Email Tracking work?

A: A hidden tracking pixel is used by Mailbutler which sends a notification when the recipient opens the email. Such information may not be available if privacy protections like Apple Mail’s “Mail Privacy Protection” are used.

Q: Is my data secure with Mailbutler?

A: Yes, it complies with GDPR and other European data regulations.

Q: Can I connect it to other apps of its kind or general productivity tools?

A: Yes! Asana, Todoist or Google Tasks integration is available as well as Trello integration among others; allowing you to sync and manage tasks across different platforms.

Q: What types of signatures does it offer?

A: This tool offers customizable email signatures that can include calls-to-action buttons, social icons or brand colours — you name it! You can even add your handwritten signature if desired.

Q: Can I collaborate on tasks or signatures with my team members using this app?

A: Yes! Task collaboration features allow sharing responsibilities between colleagues while Signature Collaboration enables team members to create shared corporate identities with consistent branding across all communications.

Q; What is Snooze good for? Why should I use it?

A: It helps to deal with inbox overload by hiding certain emails temporarily; they will reappear at the top of your inbox after a specified amount of time or during specified working hours.

Q:  Are there any different price plans available for Mailbutler?

A: Yes! There are various packages tailored for individual professionals up to large teams

Q: Can I try Mailbutler before subscribing?

A: Yes! You can evaluate it during the 14-day free trial period which gives you full access to all productivity features.

Q:  How do I manage my account settings on Mailbutler?

A:  Account settings can be found within the Mailbutler dashboard where you can adjust your preferences, manage integrations and customize other features.

Q: What kind of customer support does Mailbutler offer?

A: The service desk offers a helpful support centre that includes frequently asked questions (FAQs), tutorials and direct contact options so you can get assistance quickly when needed.

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