Twitter rolls out Verified Organizations feature globally

    In the United States, a Twitter Verified Organizations subscription cost $1,000 per month (plus taxes) and $50 a month (plus taxes) for each additional affiliate.


    American microblogging site Twitter has rolled out its Verified Organizations feature worldwide. The feature lets organizations verify their affiliations and reach their followers. Here’s all you need to know about the new feature and how much it would cost.

    What is Twitter Verified Organizations?

    All types of businesses, non-profits, and government institutions can sign up for Twitter Verified Organizations, and manage their verification along with affiliating and verifying any related account. First, the organization has to sign up and pay base subscription fees for the new feature. After this the organization will receive a gold checkmark and square avatar if they are a business or non-profit, or a grey checkmark and circular avatar if they are a governmental or multilateral organization, the Elon Musk-owned company said in a blog.

    Furthermore, the organization can choose to affiliate any individual or entity associated with them with an additional fee. The organization’s affiliate will receive verification that is denoted by either a blue, gold, or grey checkmark, and as an affiliate badge. An affiliate badge would be a small image of the parent company’s profile picture which will be displayed next to their checkmark. Users can click on this badge to directly go to the affiliated organization’s account.

    With this subscription, organizations will have control over their presence on Twitter. They will be able to add and remove affiliated accounts at any time.

    “We’ve already seen organizations, including sports teams, news organizations, financial firms, Fortune 500 companies, and nonprofits join Verified Organizations and list their affiliated accounts publicly on their profiles. And starting today, Verified Organizations are available globally. We are now sending email invitations to approved organizations from the waitlist,” the company said.

    Cost of Twitter Verified Organizations in India

    The base subscription price for Twitter Verified Organizations is Rs 82,300 per month in the country. An additional Rs 4,120 a month will have to be paid for every affiliate.


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