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UAE to launch first-ever metaverse hospital, patients to visit as avatars

UAE is set to open the world’s first-ever metaverse hospital in October wherein patients will visit as customised avatars.

The United Arab Emirates is set to open the world’s first-ever metaverse hospital, under the management of Thumbay Group, in October wherein patients will visit as customised avatars.


With this launch, the Middle East nation is looking to take first-mover advantage of the metaverse technology and boost medical tourism in the country.


The doctor’s fees in this metaverse is not yet finalised but is expected to be similar to that of a telephonic consultation. The country has hired a company to train doctors on how to treat patients in the metaverse.


To make the virtual experience more detailed and immersive, the UAE-based diversified international business conglomerate, Thumbay Group, will be integrating technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR), according to reports. The firm aims to provide AR and VR headsets to bedridden and paralyzed patients so they can interact with doctors while sitting at home.


Taking a step further, Thumbay revealed the integration of artificial intelligence into the hospital systems. So, when a patient enters the hospital, cameras will detect his/her car number plate and face, and their file will already be open as soon as they arrive at the hospital reception.


With these efforts, the UAE seems to be accelerating its presence in the metaverse, wherein the market opportunity is expected to reach $800 billion (roughly Rs. 59,58,719 crore) by 2024, according to Bloomberg Intelligence.


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