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    NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang Hand-Delivers First DGX H200 to OpenAI in Historic Moment

    OpenAI has received a significant boost in its pursuit of advancing AI technology, as NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang hand-delivered the first DGX H200 AI supercomputer to the organization, dedicating it "to advance AI, computing, and humanity"

    Nvidia and Novo Nordisk Collaborate on Denmark’s Most Advanced AI Supercomputer

    Denmark is joining the European race for AI dominance with the development of the Gefion supercomputer, a collaborative effort between Nvidia and Novo Nordisk

    NVIDIA unveils world’s most “powerful” AI GPU

    Nvidia unveiled the GB200 NVL72 system along with the world's first powerful AI GPU called Blackwell. Read on to know more

    The Rise and Rise of Nvidia: From Graphics Cards to AI Supremacy

    Discover how Nvidia's relentless focus on GPU innovation propelled it to the forefront of the AI revolution, reshaping industries and driving technological advancement

    The Fourth Quarter Round up of Amazon Web Services: Partnership with Nvidia

    The fourth quarter results of Amazon Web Services shows promise. Read on to note their relationship with Nvidia and how that might be one of the reasons for their future growth.

    Nvidia steps up with $15 million donation for civilians affected by Israel-Hamas war

    Leading American chipmaker Nvidia has made a significant humanitarian contribution by donating $15 million to support civilians impacted by the conflict between Israel and...

    Nvidia Eyes Vietnam as Strategic Hub for Semiconductor Growth

    Vietnam's semiconductor landscape is set to receive a significant boost as Nvidia commits a hefty $250 million investment and strategic partnerships

    NVIDIA’s Hopper Architecture: The Future of AI Supercomputing Has Arrived

    The GH200 Grace Hopper "superchip," a fusion of NVIDIA's HGX H200 GPU and Arm-based CPU, is set to become a core component in over 40 AI supercomputers worldwide, ushering in a new era for scientists and researchers

    AMD Sets Eyes on Nvidia’s Crown with its New AI Chip

    As AMD gears up for its earnings report, all eyes are on its MI300 AI accelerator chip, which could be the game-changer in the battle against Nvidia's H100

    Oracle Invests Billions in Nvidia and Ampere Chips to Strengthen Cloud Computing for AI

    Oracle Corporation is making significant strides in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) by investing billions of dollars in chips from Nvidia Corp and...


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