Indian startup Agnikul launches 3D-printed rocket in sub-orbital test

    This was Agnikul's fifth attempt after facing technical setbacks on previous occasions.

    First Indian Space Tourist Gopichand Thotakura unfurls Tricolour in Space during Blue Origin’s NS-25 Mission

    Gopichand Thotakura, a pilot and entrepreneur of Indian origin, became the first space tourist from India on Sunday. He was one of six crew...

    NASA astronauts prep for Artemis moonwalks in Arizona desert

    The Arizona desert's similarity to the Moon's surface has made it a training ground for lunar exploration since the Apollo era. This recent test, however, marks the most high-fidelity simulation of an Artemis moonwalk mission to date.

    NASA appoints David Salvagnini as first chief artificial intelligence officer

    Prior to David Salvagnini’s appointment, NASA's Chief Scientist Kate Calvin acted as the agency's lead for responsible AI.

    Earth on High Alert: Severe Solar Storm Threatens Technological Grid

    Brace yourselves: Earth is facing an imminent onslaught from the Sun, with a severe solar storm predicted to hit tonight, a phenomenon not seen since January 2005, according to forecasts by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Space Weather Prediction Center

    MIT Astronomers Unveil Origins of Early Black Holes with Webb Telescope Data

    A team of MIT astronomers has made groundbreaking discoveries about the origins of some of the universe's most mysterious objects: black holes. Using the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), they collected data on distant quasars, incredibly luminous objects powered by black holes, peering back more than 13 billion years to a time when the universe was still in its infancy

    Boeing’s Starliner set to embark on a crewed mission to the International Space Station on May 6th

    NASA and Boeing have affirmed the readiness of the Starliner capsule for its upcoming voyage, signifying a crucial milestone in the spacecraft's development.

    Japan to Test Mini Space-Based Solar Power Plant in 2025

    Japan's OHISAMA project is on track to demonstrate the viability of space-based solar power, marking a pivotal milestone in sustainable energy research

    NASA’s Artemis III mission to deploy moonquake detector on lunar surface

    The National Aeronautics and Space Administration announced that its upcoming Artemis III mission is set to will deploy moonquake detector on the lunar surface....