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Fisker Slashes Prices of Ocean SUVs, Becomes Most Affordable EV in US

In a surprising maneuver, Fisker, the California-based electric vehicle manufacturer, has taken drastic measures to combat financial turbulence by significantly reducing the prices of its Ocean SUV models


In a bold move that has sent shockwaves through the automotive industry, Fisker, the California-based electric vehicle manufacturer, has drastically slashed the prices of its Ocean SUV models in a desperate bid to stay afloat amidst financial turmoil. The price cuts, which range from a staggering 39% to an astonishing 61%, have effectively transformed the Ocean into the most affordable electric vehicle in the United States, a title it was never intended to hold.

The entry-level Ocean Sport now carries a tantalizing price tag of just $24,999 before destination charges, undercutting the Nissan Leaf by several thousand dollars and firmly establishing itself as one of the cheapest SUVs on the market. This aggressive pricing strategy is a far cry from Fisker’s initial vision for the Ocean, which was conceived as a premium electric SUV designed to compete with the likes of Tesla and other high-end EV manufacturers.

However, Fisker’s financial woes have forced the company to take drastic measures in a desperate attempt to survive in an increasingly competitive market. The automaker recently admitted that its current cash reserves are insufficient to sustain operations through the end of the year, prompting a frantic search for potential investors and partnerships. Reports suggest that Fisker had been in talks with Nissan regarding a possible collaboration, but those discussions ultimately fell through, leaving the company’s future hanging in the balance.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding Fisker’s long-term prospects, the company has managed to deliver an impressive array of features and performance in its Ocean models, even at these heavily discounted prices. The range-topping Ocean Extreme, which has seen its price slashed by nearly half from $61,499 to $37,499, boasts a dual-motor setup that delivers a whopping 564 horsepower in Boost Mode, enabling the SUV to sprint from 0 to 60 mph in under 4 seconds. Additionally, the Ocean Extreme offers an EPA-estimated range of 360 miles and comes equipped with a host of premium features, including a panoramic sliding roof, an extensive suite of driver-assist systems, and a high-end audio system.

For those seeking a more affordable option, the mid-range Ocean Ultra now carries a price tag of $34,999, representing a significant reduction from its previous price point. Despite the lower cost, the Ultra still offers an impressive 350 miles of range and sub-four-second 0-60 mph acceleration, making it a compelling choice for budget-conscious buyers who refuse to compromise on performance.

Fisker’s decision to slash prices across its Ocean lineup is a testament to the company’s precarious financial situation and its desperate need to attract buyers in a fiercely competitive market. The inclusion of up to $7,000 worth of options in these heavily discounted prices, along with the latest software updates for the 2024 model year, further sweetens the deal for potential customers.

However, the question remains: will this bold move be enough to save Fisker from the brink of bankruptcy? The company’s struggle to bring the Ocean to market has been well-documented, with only 10,000 models produced in 2023 and approximately 4,700 delivered to owners. While the significant price cuts may entice some buyers, the looming specter of Fisker’s potential insolvency could deter others from investing in a vehicle built by a company that may not exist in the near future.

As the automotive world watches with bated breath, Fisker’s fate hangs in the balance. The company’s audacious gambit to slash prices and reposition the Ocean as the most affordable EV in America may prove to be a masterstroke that secures its survival, or it could be the last desperate act of a company on the verge of collapse. Only time will tell if Fisker’s Ocean will ride the wave of success or sink beneath the weight of the company’s financial troubles.

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