From Concept to Reality: Tesla Cybertruck Begins Deliveries

    The Tesla Cybertruck, with its futuristic design and powerful performance, has finally transitioned from a concept to a reality, with the first batch of 10 customers receiving their vehicles. This electric pickup has been a topic of immense interest since its initial unveiling in 2019, and the recent event revealed a host of intriguing details about this much-awaited vehicle.

    Offered in three distinct drivetrain options – rear-wheel drive, dual-motor all-wheel-drive, and tri-motor all-wheel drive – the Cybertruck caters to a range of preferences. The entry-level rear-wheel-drive model, expected in 2025, boasts an impressive 400 km range. The dual-motor version delivers a robust 608 PS with 10,000 Nm torque and can accelerate from 0-96 kmph in just 4.1 seconds, featuring a range just shy of 550 km. The top-tier model, known as the Cyberbeast, is a powerhouse with 857 PS and approximately 14,000 Nm torque, achieving 0-96 kmph in a staggering 2.6 seconds and offering a 515 km range. These figures, while remarkable, fall short of the initially promised 800 km range.

    Tesla’s reputation for exceptional acceleration is upheld in the Cybertruck, which was demonstrated at the event outperforming a Porsche 911 in a drag race – a feat made even more impressive as it towed another 911 simultaneously.

    The vehicle’s charging capabilities are equally impressive. Although Tesla hasn’t specified the battery size, the Cybertruck’s 800V architecture allows for rapid charging speeds up to 250kW. This translates to adding around 218 km of range in just 15 minutes.

    What sets the Cybertruck apart is its bold, futuristic design, reminiscent of an apocalyptic video game world. The production model retains this unique aesthetic, complete with a rolling tonneau cover for the loading bay, a large glass roof, a ground clearance of at least 432mm, and 20-inch wheels. Its smooth surface design, accentuated by LED lighting strips, gives it a distinct look.

    Durability is a key feature of the Cybertruck. It boasts a stainless steel super alloy body, offering exceptional torsional rigidity and bulletproof quality. At the event, Tesla demonstrated its resilience against various firearms, including a .45 caliber Tommy gun. Elon Musk’s rationale for making the Cybertruck bulletproof was simply, “Why not?”

    The vehicle’s wedge-like shape, a necessity due to the stiffness of the metal, prevents corrosion and eliminates the need for paint, resulting in only one available color. This sturdy design also incorporates armor glass, capable of withstanding heavy impacts, enhancing cabin quietness. However, this robustness comes with a few ergonomic challenges, such as an unconventional door opening mechanism on the passenger side.

    The Cybertruck is not just about style and toughness; it’s practical too. With a payload capacity of over 1,100kg and ample storage space, including a ‘frunk’ (front trunk), it’s a versatile pickup. Its off-road capabilities are enhanced by lockable differentials and a flat underbody that utilizes all of its 432mm ground clearance. The adaptive air suspension ensures a smooth ride, and four-wheel steering contributes to remarkable maneuverability, even surpassing the Model S sedan in turning circle.

    Inside, the Cybertruck continues Tesla’s minimalist design philosophy, featuring ambient lighting and a massive 18.5-inch touchscreen for the driver and a 9.4-inch unit for rear passengers. It includes various charging options, including wireless and USB-C ports, and even 120V/240V power outlets.

    For added safety, the vehicle comes with a built-in HEPA filter, known as the Bioweapon defense mode, to protect against airborne particles.

    As for pricing, the rear-wheel drive model starts at $60,990, the dual-motor AWD at $79,990, and the Cyberbeast at $99,990. While these prices exceed Tesla’s initial target of a $70,000 ceiling for the top model, the true value will become clearer as customer experiences emerge. Tesla aims to increase Cybertruck production to 250,000 units annually, though this ambitious goal will take time to achieve. With the next batch of deliveries scheduled for 2024, the Tesla Cybertruck is poised to redefine the electric vehicle landscape.


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