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Liger Mobility introduces world’s first self-balancing electric scooter

The technology allows Liger Mobility's electric scooter to balance itself at low speeds or even while stationary.

Liger Mobility

AutoExpo2023 saw the launch of the world’s first self-balancing scooter. Mumbai-based Liger Mobility has unveiled the Liger X with an “auto-balancing” tech. The Mumbai-based start-up had previously teased the self-balancing and self-parking technology-enabled electric scooter in 2019, which was a prototype for pre-production.

Liger X showcases a retro design with some new-age technologies and cutting-edge features. At first glance, the design looks similar to that of Vespa. Talking about the physical features, the scooter sports a sleek horizontal LED daytime running light (DRL) at the top and a delta-shaped LED headlamp at the front apron. The front cowl houses the round-shaped LED turn indicators. It also has beefy rubber-wrapped alloy wheels. The Liger Mobility auto-balancing e-scooter comes with a wide, comfortable seat. This scooter is also available in a variety of colors.

Now comes the “auto-balancing” part. The technology allows the electric scooter to balance itself at low speeds or even while stationary. And as the two-wheeler goes stable at higher speeds, the system goes into standby then. The e-scooter has an option to manually activate the system as per their comfort. The Liger X scooters come with a range of up to 60 km on a single charge, with a top speed of 65 km/ph.

Liger Mobility claims that the technology in this electric scooter was developed in-house in India. The company argues ‘auto-balancing’ feature will significantly increase electric scooter riders’ safety and also provide them comfort and convenience more than any other traditional scooter. The e-scooter also comes with a feature that allows you to access it with your voice commands. The company has not provided much information about this specific feature.

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