Long wait ahead: Xiaomi SU7 EV buyers face up to 7 months for delivery

    Excitement for Xiaomi’s debut electric car, the SU7, comes with a caveat – a potentially lengthy wait. According to a Reuters report, the Chinese tech giant is informing potential buyers that Xiaomi SU7 deliveries could take anywhere from four to seven months, a sign of strong demand for the vehicle.

    According to checks on Xiaomi’s car app, delivery times vary by model. Reportedly, the standard SU7, starting at $29,870, could take 18-21 weeks to arrive, while the pricier models might require even longer waits – 18-21 weeks for the SU7 Pro and 27-30 weeks for the top-tier SU7 Max.

    This news of the delay in the car’s delivery follows a surge in pre-orders. After opening reservations on Thursday, Xiaomi reported a staggering 88,898 pre-orders within the first 24 hours. Meanwhile, as the Xiaomi SU7 has started getting delivered, there are all sorts of reviews pouring in, mostly positive. Some reviewers are particularly impressed with the acceleration (especially the SU7 Max variant), handling, and extensive customizability options, while others perceived the SU7 as “Powerful as a Porsche, Smart as a Tesla!” The sleek, minimalist design of the EV with hidden door handles and a sporty feel also received praise. However, some found it derivative of Porsche and urged Xiaomi to be original.


    To recap, the Chinese tech major made a grand entry into the electric vehicle market with the launch of its first car model, the Xiaomi SU7, in December last year. At the event, Xiaomi’s chief executive officer Lei Jun emphasized SU7’s superior acceleration capabilities, surpassing benchmarks set by Porsche’s Taycan and Tesla’s Model S. According to a report by CNBC, the SU7 has been listed as a tax-exempt new energy vehicle by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

    Xiaomi’s entry into the electric vehicle market stirs competition in China’s already crowded space. Despite the competitive landscape, analysts believe Xiaomi has advantages such as deeper financial resources than many EV startups, and its expertise in smartphones that could be translated to a superior smart dashboard.


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