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Ram’s Concept EV Pickup Doubles as a Mobile Movie Theater

Ram is fashionably late to the EV market but makes a splash with its high-tech features

Ram’s Concept EV Pickup

Ram unveiled its first look of ‘The Ram 1500 Revolution BEV’ concept at CES 2023, raising the stakes for other players in the EV market. After postponing the launch for a couple of months, the company finally showcased the concept of its electronic pickup truck and left everyone in awe. 

Talking about the concept, the company’s CEO Carlos Tavares teased a rendering of Ram’s first EV pickup, claiming it will ‘Outperform all competitors on the attributes customers care most about: range, towing, payload, charge time.’

Featuring smooth bodywork and a stretched cabin, the EV has many high-tech features that will appease enthusiasts. The interior has a rail system with customizable seating arrangements, and the powered mid-gate includes third-row jump seats and a pass-through to carry objects up to 18 feet long. 

The extra roomy interior is well-equipped with an AI virtual assistant, AR heads-up display, and autonomous driving capabilities. The electric pickup truck can achieve up to 100 miles of range in about 10 minutes on 800V DC and up to 350kW fast charging. It will also use two electric drive modules and may be available in an all-wheel drive option.

The truck has multiple built-in projectors to communicate information seamlessly with the user. And the best thing is that projectors also double as mobile movie theatres.

There’s no denying that Ram is behind other players. And although the company has yet to enter the EV market and promises a lot in its first concept unveils, it will be interesting to see the final model. The stylish EV truck will hit production starting in 2024, but not much has been revealed yet. 

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