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DJI’s Next FPV drone Will Let You Shoot Epic Indoor Videos

DJI Avata Drone

Two different sources with a solid track record of leaking information about upcoming drones have released images and early details on another new first-person view drone rumored to be arriving from DJI this summer, one geared primarily for capturing unique shots in tight, indoor spaces.

DJI introduced its first FPV drone, the aptly-named DJI FPV Drone, a year ago. But according to @DealsDrone and @OsitaLV, the firm is working on a follow-up, with a projected July or August debut, with a cinewhoop-style design and ducted propellers that make it safer to operate indoors and more likely to survive a crash.

The new drone, dubbed the Avata, will reportedly have a low-profile body on top that houses the batteries, camera, and other electronics. The drone will reportedly have image quality comparable to the current Mini 3 Pro, which was a significant step up for DJI’s compact drones, featuring improved battery life and FPV goggles for the pilot. It will also most likely weigh roughly 500 grams, requiring users to register with the FAA. There are no pricing specifics yet, but a well-known drone company like DJI giving a ready-to-fly cinewhoop solution will be a significant draw.

The name “cinewhoop” is a portmanteau of tiny whoop (a brand name that has grown into a phrase for small drones) and “cinematic,” which refers to the wonderful movie-like shots that this type of drone can capture.

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