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Arctic Fox Pureview Bluetooth Mouse: Worth the Buck?

For just Rs.699, the Arctic Fox PureView mouse hordes plenty of features while looking stunning. It does look like Apple's Magic Mouse that underwent an X-Ray.

The Arctic Fox Pureview Transparent Wireless Mouse lives up to its name with a striking, see-through design and a feature set that caters to a wide range of users. I especially felt the design ethos of the mouse is strikingly similar to that of Apple’s Magic Mouse, had it gone through an X-ray machine, or if Apple had sought design inspiration from Nothing and together created the Magic Mouse. Still, it would be fun to watch a Nothing Magic Mouse, wouldn’t it? Jokes aside, whether you’re a home office warrior, a casual gamer, or a student on the go, the Arctic Fox Pureview mouse offers a compelling blend of style, functionality, and affordability at just Rs. 699 on the Arctic Fox website. To be honest, I would love to see this mouse alongside Lenovo’s Transparent Thinkbook once it’s launched.

Arctic Fox Pureview Mouse – What’s Good

Arctic Fox Pureview Mouse

The Pureview mouse comes with a lot of handy features and I personally found each one to be useful. The transparent shell is the most eye-catching feature for me, not just a gimmick, since both the battery indicator and the mechanisms of the mouse are clearly visible. The magnetically detachable cover makes cleaning a breeze, both internally and externally. Additionally, the built-in RGB LED lighting adds a touch of flair. Although, you can’t really choose from a variety of vibrant colors since it changes automatically. The Pureview throws in a few extras that gamers and office users will appreciate. The “Boss Key” function instantly minimizes your work and brings you to the desktop, a handy feature for those unexpected moments.

With the triple-mode connectivity (2.4 GHz USB and two Bluetooth 5.1 modes BT1 and BT2), connecting the Pureview mouse did not feel like a hassle, as I used the mouse by easily connecting to any device. To test it out completely, I connected the USB to a windows laptop and paired with two other MacBooks with the BT1 and BT2 connections. Switching between three devices with the touch of a button actually makes multitasking a breeze. The biggest highlight however is the long-lasting rechargeable battery as the mouse boasts an impressive 30 days of usage on complete single charge, and the convenient real-time battery indicator that you can see through the transparent casing ensures you’re never caught off guard.

Arctic Fox Pureview Mouse

Coming to the design aspect, the Pureview’s ergonomic design fits snugly in my hand, and feels comfortable to use especially during extended work or gaming sessions. The ultra-silent clicks caught my attention as it hardly emitted sounds. Comparing it to my Zebronics Zeb-Krystal wired gaming mouse which is priced around Rs.799 this mouse is a total steal for just Rs.699. The metal scroll wheel provides a satisfying tactile feel while scrolling through. The four adjustable DPI levels allow you to fine-tune the mouse’s sensitivity for different tasks, from everyday browsing to fast-paced gaming and the latency lag is barely visible.

Some Minor Quirks

Arctic Fox Pureview Mouse

Well it’s safe to say that the pros outdo the cons for this mouse as there are hardly any problems that I faced. But that doesn’t mean there are none. It is important to note that while the “Boss Key” functionality works without a hitch on windows laptops, it’s the complete opposite with MacBooks, as the button simply opens an ‘add to favourites’ window while browsing on a Mac.

When talking about the transparent design which is undeniably the coolest part of the mouse, it might be more prone to scratches compared to traditional opaque mice. If you tend to keep your mouse for a long time or are worried about aesthetics, this could be a concern, but nothing too serious about it.

Another potential con being the glossy finish. While the transparent design translates to a glossy finish, the mouse can sometimes be slippery, especially for users like me who sweat while working or if you simply have sweaty palms. Lastly, the warranty is limited to just one year, which may be a minor inconvenience. These are some of the potential downsides to consider when looking at the Arctic Fox Pureview Transparent Wireless Mouse. But hey, it does the job!

But should you really get yourself one?

Arctic Fox Pureview Mouse

The Arctic Fox Pureview Transparent Wireless Mouse is a stylish and feature-rich option for anyone looking for a versatile wireless mouse. With its transparent aesthetic that is undeniably cool and unique, the multiple connection options, long battery life, and adjustable DPI paired with comfortable design with the silent clicks, it’s a great choice for home, office, and casual gaming use.

The transparent design and affordable price tag make it an even more attractive proposition at Rs. 699. Ultimately, the decision depends on your priorities. If the unique design, affordability, and feature set align with your needs, the Arctic Fox Pureview is a solid choice. However, if the potential downsides like warranty, Mac compatibility, or scratch proneness are dealbreakers for you, then you might want to let go of this one.

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