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Android 15 Beta 2 unveils new Privacy Features and Efficiency Improvements

Android 15 Beta 2 is out! New features include Private Space, smoother transitions, app activity limits, improved privacy & multitasking. Public release expected later this year.

Android 15 Beta 2

Tech giant Google recently released the second beta of their upcoming Android 15 operating system. This update brings a wave of new features designed to enhance user privacy, improve multitasking capabilities, and boost overall device efficiency.

Android 15 Beta 2: Keeping Things Private with “Private Space”

Android 15 Beta 2

A standout feature in Beta 2 is “Private Space.” This functionality allows users to create a separate, secure space on their device for storing sensitive apps and data. This isolated environment keeps prying eyes at bay, similar to features already available on some custom Android experiences.

When locked, Private Space pauses all activity within that profile, ensuring complete discretion. Users can choose to utilize the device’s standard lock or set a separate one for enhanced security. Apps within Private Space are hidden from the main launcher, recent apps list,notifications, and even other apps when locked.

Battery life gets a boost with Android 15. The update introduces a new restriction that prevents apps from running actively in the foreground for extended periods (over six hours), helping to curb unnecessary battery drain. Additionally, a more efficient software decoder for AV1 video is included, providing a smoother playback experience even on devices lacking dedicated hardware decoding.

Smarter Multitasking

Android 15 Beta 2
The Private Space demo

Android 15 Beta 2 enhances multitasking capabilities, especially for users with larger screens. The update introduces a pinnable taskbar, allowing for quick and effortless app switching. Users can also save their preferred split-screen app combinations for instant access, a feature previously available only on certain custom interfaces.Transitions to Picture-in-Picture mode are also expected to be smoother with the latest Beta. App developers can now offer users a more informative preview of widgets before they’re added to the home screen.

This allows for a more customized and streamlined experience. The “Predictive Back” feature,when implemented by app developers, displays where a user will be directed when using the back button, promoting more intuitive navigation.Users can now set personalized vibration patterns for different notification channels, allowing for a more granular notification experience. Google’s Health Connect platform gains support for two new data types: skin temperature and training plans, providing users with a more comprehensive picture of their health and fitness data.

With the official release expected later this year, all eyes are on Android for the next beta version anticipated in June and the final beta arriving in July.

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