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Apple has started training retail employees on the Vision Pro

With the Vision Pro's launch just around the corner, Apple is reportedly training its retail employees on the mixed reality headset

Apple's Vision Pro is just around the corner

Earlier this year, at WWDC 2023, Apple introduced its high-end mixed-reality headset, the Apple Vision Pro. Initially presented with some delays, the company is now poised for its commercial debut. Training seminars for retail employees in the US are being arranged, preparing them for the early 2024 launch. These training sessions are part of Apple’s comprehensive strategy to ensure a smooth roll-out, emphasizing both the technical aspects and customer interaction skills needed for this sophisticated device.

Mark Gurman’s Power On newsletter in Bloomberg highlights Apple’s meticulous preparations. The Vision Pro, a complex product, necessitates personalized setup and instruction for users. Apple’s training for store employees will cover detailed operational guidance and sales techniques.

Seminars are set to begin in mid-January, with each staff member receiving two days of intensive training. This includes practical exercises like fitting the headset on customers. U.S. Apple stores are also expected to receive specialized equipment soon for the assembly and packaging of the Vision Pro.

Gurman’s newsletter suggests that while online ordering will be available, Apple is likely to encourage in-store purchases for personalized setup assistance. Some employees from each U.S. store are rumored to be invited to Cupertino for advanced training, who will then impart their knowledge to their colleagues.

The initial launch will be in the U.S., with a gradual release of limited stock planned for early 2024. Priced at $3,499, the Vision Pro is also rumored to have a more affordable version in development.

However, the launch may face delays until March as Apple finalizes testing and distribution plans. Additionally, Apple is reportedly working on the next version of the device, the Apple Vision Pro 2, codenamed Project Alaska, with design improvements like a flatter rear strap.

A Financial Times report in July indicated production challenges for the Vision Pro. Contract manufacturer Luxshare is expected to produce fewer than 400,000 units in 2024, a reduction attributed to the headset’s design complexity and manufacturing difficulties.

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