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Apple reportedly developing camera-equipped Apple TV, smart displays

Apple TV

American multinational tech giant Apple is looking to revamp its smart home efforts with a potential upgrade to the Apple TV set-top box with a built-in camera, according to a newsletter by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. This development aims to enhance the user experience by enabling FaceTime video conferencing directly from the television screen.

The upgraded Apple TV set-top-box could also feature gesture-based controls and integrate with iPhones and the Vision Pro for a seamless user experience. This development ties in with Apple’s reported development of a “lightweight smart display” that can be easily moved from room to room and docked at charging stations. This display could act as a smart home control center, similar to Google Nest Hub and Amazon Echo Show. Apple is reportedly in the early stages of testing the display, and it is unclear if the company will move forward with production.

Reportedly, the company’s focus on the Vision Pro may have delayed development of other smart home products. While the Vision Pro mixed-reality headset represents a new category for Apple, it may not be the major revenue driver the company is hoping for.

The tech major is also exploring the world of robotics with skunk-work teams investigating personal robotic devices with AI capabilities. One concept involves a home robot that follows users around the house, while another explores a robotic arm that adjusts a display during FaceTime calls. These robotic projects are in the early stages and have not received full support from Apple’s executive team.

In the near future, Apple will likely focus on incremental improvements to existing products like iPads and iPhones, with a major iPad refresh expected in early May. This includes new iPad Pro and iPad Air models with OLED screens, potentially marking the biggest iPad update in years. However, the high-tech screens may also come with a higher price tag.

Apple is also reportedly exploring foldable iPads but is facing challenges in eliminating the crease common in similar devices from competitors. The company is also working on new versions of the lower-end iPad and iPad mini, but these likely will not be available until later in the year.

Meanwhile, the focus on smart home with upgrading Apple TV comes after Apple shelved its ambitious electric car project, codenamed “Project Titan”, due to challenges like leadership indecision and high costs. The Tim Cook-led company also halted its ambitious project to develop microLED displays, likely for the Apple Watch, due to the complexity and high costs associated with it.

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