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Apple Vision Pro users to be fitted using FaceID

Apple's face-scanning technology will reportedly play a key role when it comes to helping people find the ideal fit for their Vision Pro headsets

Apple Vision Pro to be fitted using FaceID

Apple is set to launch the Vision Pro come February 2, and as we get closer to to the date, reports are pouring in about Apple’s preparations as it launches a brand new product. This isn’t just another addition to the tech giant’s portfolio; the Vision Pro is a bespoke experience, demanding a personalized fit for each user. Unlike the standard, one-size-fits-all approach of most Apple products, the Vision Pro’s headband and lightseal come in various sizes, tailored to the contours of your face.

Apparently, Apple has devised a seamless method for obtaining the perfect fit. A recent leak, as reported by 9to5mac, reveals that prospective buyers of the Vision Pro will be required to use an iPhone or iPad equipped with FaceID to scan their faces as part of the ordering process. This is a masterstroke in utilizing existing technology. FaceID, commonly known for its phone-unlocking capability, is in fact a sophisticated 3D-tracking tool. It employs thousands of invisible light points to map the unique geometry of your face with great precision. Apple confidently asserts that the chances of someone else passing for you are astronomically low. By leveraging this technology, Apple ingeniously sizes up your head, obviating the need for manual measurements.

The actual experience of this sizing process remains a mystery. Will it be an instantaneous affair, or will it require various head tilts and alignments to gauge the full dimensions of your head? Apple appears to be addressing potential sizing dilemmas with a method that is both precise and effortless, short of visiting a store for a personal fitting.

The clothing industry has tried, and is still trying, something similar with little success. For some reason, I have never come across an AR-assisted guide that gives you an accurate approximation of what a piece of clothing would look like on your body. But Apple might be able to do a better job of it, considering that the Vision Pro is the only product (as of right now) that would need assistance with sizing. Also, the fact the headband would seemingly be made for a variety of sizes too. 

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