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Apple’s Solution for Forgotten Vision Pro Passwords: Return to Store

Early adopters of Apple's $3,500 Vision Pro virtual reality headset are discovering a vexing problem: an irksome password issue that leaves them locked out of their expensive device. While this password isn't linked to their Apple ID, it's vital for unlocking the headset when it's powered on

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Apple’s new Vision Pro virtual reality headset hit store shelves just last week, carrying an eye-watering $3,500 price tag. But some early adopters have quickly run into a frustrating issue – forgetting their headset password with seemingly no way to reset it at home.

Posts on Apple’s official community forums indicate several Vision Pro owners have found themselves locked out after entering the incorrect password too many times. This isn’t the password to their Apple ID, but rather the one needed to initially unlock the headset when it powers on. When contacting Apple Support for help, they were told that a reset would require bringing the headset back to the Apple Store or mailing it in.

Once at the store, employees have been able to resolve the issue by using a $300 Developer Strap accessory to connect the Vision Pro to a Mac and fully erase and reset it. The Developer Strap provides a direct USB-C connection between the two devices. However, it is only available to members of Apple’s Developer Program, not the general public.

Understandably, some Vision Pro buyers are annoyed about having to return their brand new, very expensive headset to the store just days after purchasing it simply because they forgot the password. The Vision Pro is currently the only Apple product without a user-accessible reset option at home.

It seems Apple staff were not fully prepared to handle this password problem either. As one frustrated customer explained on the forums: “I called Apple Support again on the slim chance they’ve found a solution. The agent told me they’ve gotten a bunch of calls about this passcode bug and he’s had to deal with a lot of angry customers after telling them their only option is to go back to the store. He said Apple Support was really caught off guard and apologized for not being better prepared.”

While forgetting a password is a common and relatable problem for any tech user, having no recourse but to physically return the device is an inconvenience. Apple will need to find a more accessible and user-friendly solution for Vision Pro owners who inevitably forget their login credentials. This initial headache highlights the growing pains that can come with an entirely new product category like virtual reality headsets.

Overall, Apple seems to have work to do in improving support resources and accessibility for the Vision Pro. But the company is known for listening to user feedback and enhancing the customer experience over time. With some swift improvements to password reset options, Apple can hopefully prevent frustrations like this from tarnishing the Vision Pro ownership experience going forward.

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