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Asus ROG Mjolnir Announced: Not an April Fools’ Joke

After seeing the ROG Thor and ROG Loki power supply, Asus confirms that Asus ROG Mjolnir is indeed real and not an April Fools' Prank. Here's what we know

Asus ROG Mjolnir

Gaming hardware manufacturer Asus sent shockwaves through the gaming community by unveiling the Asus ROG Mjolnir on April 2nd, 2024, through ASUS ROG’s X handle. Though the unveiling was initially regarded as an April Fool’s Day joke, a line on the bottom of the teaser image that stated “Not an April Fools’ Joke” solidified its legitimacy.

Asus ROG Mjolnir

This unique device, named after the mighty hammer wielded by Thor in Norse mythology, instantly grabbed the attention of gamers as it turned out to be a portable power station. While renowned for their desktop gaming hardware, ASUS has recently made significant strides in the portable gaming market with the success of the ROG Phone, ROG Strix gaming laptops, and the ROG Ally handheld PC that directly challenges the dominance of the Steam Deck, Lenovo’s Legion Go, MSI’s Claw A1M and the Nintendo Switch handhelds. Although not much is known regarding the ROG Mjolnir, here is what you need to know if you are a gamer on the go.

Asus ROG Mjolnir specs

Asus ROG Mjolnir

Although it is evident that ASUS has remained tight-lipped regarding the ROG Mjolnir’s specific features and functionalities, some details can be gleaned from the teaser image. The name could potentially be a dual homage, referencing both the Norse god and the existing ASUS Thor line of desktop power supply units. The Mjolnir appears to be a sizeable portable power station. It boasts at least four standard Type-B power outlets, perfect for powering various gaming devices.

Two USB-A ports and two USB-C ports provide additional connectivity options for charging peripherals or mobile devices. A built-in screen displays data such as output voltage and battery charge level. Additionally, online speculations suggest that the large, tube-like “handle” protruding from the top could potentially be a detachable flashlight or even a light source for illuminating gameplay environments, apart from being used to carry around the ROG Mjolnir.

With the rise of powerful gaming laptops and handheld PCs like the ROG Ally, the traditional image of a stationary gamer is fading. The Mjolnir could potentially turn out to be the perfect companion for these mobile warriors, keeping their gaming devices powered and ready to go wherever adventure awaits.

ROG Mjolnir Release Date 

Asus is set to release the Asus ROG Mjolnir during Computex 24, which is scheduled for June 4th, 2024, in Taipei. With the company yet to confirm the press release events for the same, the hype for this power-hammer is soaring high. After seeing the ROG Thor, ROG Loki power supply, and now the Asus ROG Mjolnir, the Taiwanese company seems to be binging on Marvel movies.

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