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BMW’s Metaverse ‘Joytopia’ to Launch With a Coldplay Concert, and Christoph Waltz is Involved, Too

BMW’s Metaverse Joytopia

Two days before the opening of the IAA Mobility international motor show, taking place in Munich from 7–12 September, BMW is launching its streaming platform called Joytopia. And there are more details about it we are still processing: “three unique worlds” with a map and some signposts, Christoph Waltz as a fox, and Coldplay.   

Let’s begin.

First, the platform, dubbed by BMW in its press release as “a quantum leap for the digital world,” will be moderated by Academy Award-winning actor Christoph Waltz in the form of a virtual fox (totally normal, right?) who will take visitors “through the surreal worlds,” called Re:THINK, Re:IMAGINE, and Re:BIRTH.

Second, British rock band Coldplay will also be throwing an exclusive virtual concert in Joytopia which the users can attend in their different avatar forms inside this “metaverse.” “On 5 September the concert can be enjoyed around the clock,” reads the press release.

But that’s still not all—fans can “get actively involved in the event via avatars. They will be able to dance along with the music through their invented character, get close to the stage and see the band in action from every angle.” Make what you will of this information. And oh, let’s not forget: “selfies are possible too and can be posted directly to social media.”

BMW’s Metaverse Joytopia
BMW’s Metaverse Joytopia fox
BMW’s Metaverse Joytopia
BMW’s Metaverse Joytopia
BMW’s Metaverse Joytopia
Images BMW

But why is BMW doing this, you ask? To take brand communication to “a new level,” and Joytopia is its marketing instrument for the digital world. According to Stefan Ponikva, Vice President Brand Communication and Brand Experience, Joytopia is their response to the customers’ demand for individualised experiences in the digital space. 

So, till the time we are living in a world where many things that big corporations do can sometimes seem absurd, we’ll just go with their shoving-into-a-metaverse-to-attend-a-Coldplay-concert spirit in the name of marketing.    

Guess we’ll see you in one of the three unique worlds of Joytopia on Sunday.

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