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Bose Initiates Major Recall of Over a Million Bass Modules Due to Fire Risk

Bose, a renowned audio equipment manufacturer, announces a recall of over a million subwoofers due to a potential fire hazard, as flagged by the Consumer Product Safety Commission

Bose, a renowned player in the audio equipment industry, has recently hit a speed bump with the announcement of a recall encompassing over a million bass modules, otherwise known as subwoofers. These products, distributed across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico between January 1994 and April 2007, were flagged due to a latent fire hazard presented by the potential failure of their electrical components. This information came to light via an official recall notice from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

The models targeted by the recall form integral parts of various Bose home theater systems such as Acoustimass, Lifestyle, and Companion. These complete home-theater-in-a-box kits traditionally consist of an array of passive, wired speakers, supplemented by the powered bass module in question. Bose customers possessing a system resembling the image provided in the recall notice are likely candidates for this recall.

A key point to note is that the color of your Bose system does not exempt it from this recall. Contrary to popular belief, these units were also manufactured in white, therefore color is no assurance of safety.

While these modules have not been implicated in any major household fires, there is a sufficient number of reported incidents that pushed Bose towards the recall. Across the globe, there are 21 reported cases of these bass modules either igniting or melting, as per the CPSC’s records. These incidents led to property damage, including but not limited to scorched carpeting, an entertainment cabinet, and other materials in proximity to the bass box. Fortunately, no reports of injuries have surfaced thus far.

The CPSC’s recall notice provides an extensive list of the affected products, but for user convenience, Bose has set up a dedicated recall page. This page will guide users through the process of identifying the product’s name, serial number, and manufacture date code. If it appears that your product is implicated, Bose urges immediate discontinuation of use, along with avoidance of any electrical connectivity.

When it comes to resolution, Bose customers are presented with two choices. One option involves sending your bass module back to Bose for a complimentary repair. Alternatively, for those pondering a system upgrade, Bose offers a 40% discount on a new Bose soundbar such as the Smart Soundbar 900 with Dolby Atmos, in exchange for the recalled bass module.

Finally, initiating a return is straightforward for some affected bass modules through Bose’s recall page’s self-serve return process. However, for other units, customers will need to reach out to Bose directly for further assistance.

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