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Eminem reveals 12th Album titled “The Death of Slim Shady.” To release this summer

Marshall Mathers aka Eminem revealed a trailer to his 12th studio album called The Death of Slim Shady (Coup de Grâce). The album is set to release this summer and can be pre-saved on Apple Music and Spotify now.

Eminem Death of Slim Shady Slim Shady

Eminem, the iconic rap artist known for his lyrical prowess and provocative alter ego, Slim Shady, sent shockwaves through the music industry with the announcement of his upcoming album, “The Death of Slim Shady (Coup de Grâce).” Making the revelation just ahead of his appearance at the NFL Draft, the rapper set the stage for a summer release that promises to captivate audiences worldwide. Coup De Grace is a French phrase that means, a death blow, especially one delivered mercifully to end suffering.

Accompanying the announcement was a gripping trailer for the album, which surfaced online shortly after his NFL cameo. In the trailer, a somber tone is set as a true crime reporter delves into the demise of Slim Shady, Eminem’s notorious alter ego. Reflecting on the complexities of his persona, the reporter acknowledges the character’s polarizing nature and the multitude of adversaries he has accrued over the years.

Death fo Slim Shady – Coupe De Grâce

Adding to the intrigue, longtime collaborator and friend, 50 Cent, makes a cameo appearance in the trailer, offering a chilling perspective on Marshall by saying that “He’s not a friend, he’s a psychopath,” underscoring the enigmatic and often controversial nature of Eminem’s alter ego. He himself contributes to the narrative, offering a cryptic statement: “I knew it was only a matter of time for Slim.” This enigmatic remark hints at the underlying themes and narrative arc that will unfold within the album, leaving fans eagerly anticipating its release.  The EP can be pre-saved on Spotify and Apple Music as seen on the offical website.

Eminem Death of Slim Shady Slim Shady
A snapshot from the trailer

The announcement of “The Death of Slim Shady” follows Eminem’s surprise release of his last album, “Music to Be Murdered By,” in January 2020. The album soared to the top of the Billboard 200 charts upon its debut, fueled by the success of its hit single, “Godzilla,” featuring Juice Wrld. Eminem has long served as a conduit for Eminem’s most daring and confrontational lyrics, dating back to the inception of his career.

Originating in the “Slim Shady EP” in 1997 and further explored in “The Slim Shady LP” two years later, the character has been synonymous with Eminem’s edgiest and most provocative compositions. Tracks such as “Guilty Conscience,” “’97 Bonnie and Clyde,” and “Kill You” have solidified the blonde rapper’s status as a symbol of controversy and artistic boundary-pushing within the hip-hop genre. As anticipation mounts for the release of “The Death of Slim Shady (Coup de Grace),” fans and critics alike await with bated breath to witness Eminem’s latest artistic evolution and the culmination of his storied legacy.

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