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Fake ChatGPT apps surface on app stores


ChatGPT is a popular AI tool that has been the talk among tech enthusiasts since its launch last year. Now, some clone apps of the chatbot have surfaced on the App Store and the Play Store, with an aim to dupe people in the name of some premium features to get more answers from AI. Notably, as of now, ChatGPT is free to use for anyone on the web and OpenAI hasn’t released any official mobile app. Write for Me GPT AI Assistant, Genie-GPT AI Assistant, and others are some of the clone apps of the AI chatbot.

As per reports, some apps are also offering paid subscriptions to have unlimited chats with the AI bot. One such fake app named ‘ChatGPT Chat GPT AI With GPT-3’ is topping the chart in the app stores. However, this particular app has been pulled from the App Store. The tool can answer any question in human-like interactive way. It is powered by OpenAI and was launched in November 2022.

Austen Allred, CEO of an edtech startup Bloomtech tweeted that the App Store is full of apps that have no association with OpenAI, and are trying to charge money for using ChatGPT.

Reports suggest that OpenAI is working on a ChatGPT-powered iOS app. As per a LinkedIn post from venture capitalist and podcaster, Jason Calacanis, he has been given access to the beta version. However, there is an official announcement of the same. For now, users can get AI-generated responses to their questions without excessive fees on a web browser.

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