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Family Guy Takes Midseason Break as Fox Unveils New Animated Lineup

Fox shakes up Sunday lineup, sidelining Family Guy for new shows. Fans await midseason return with full season order.

Family Guy

Fox’s unveiling of its 2024-25 season lineup came with a notable twist: the absence of the beloved animated series Family Guy from its Sunday animation block. This surprising move raised eyebrows among fans as the show, entering its impressive 23rd season, has been a cornerstone of Fox’s programming for over two decades.

Instead of the familiar antics of Peter Griffin and his dysfunctional family, viewers can anticipate the debut of a new animated series titled Universal Basic Guys, which is slated to follow the iconic Simpsons. Additionally, the second-year show Krapopolis will occupy the 9:30 p.m. slot after Bob’s Burgers.

Family Guy commences Fall 2024

Family Guy

Addressing concerns over Family Guy’s hiatus from the fall lineup, Fox network president Michael Thorn assured reporters that the series will make a triumphant return midseason with a full season order and a steady stream of new episodes. Thorn emphasized the show’s enduring significance to Fox’s programming landscape, expressing confidence in its ability to captivate audiences upon its return to its Sunday slot.

Thorn explained Fox’s strategic decision to showcase newer additions like Universal Basic Guys and Krapopolis during the NFL season, a period marked by increased viewership. This move aims to provide these emerging shows with optimal exposure and capitalize on the influx of primetime viewers drawn in by football broadcasts.

Notably, Family Guy’s absence from the fall schedule doesn’t signify the end of its tenure on Fox. Alongside The Simpsons and Bob’s Burgers, all produced by Disney’s 20th Television Animation, Family Guy is gearing up for its final seasons under multiyear orders. Fox Entertainment CEO Rob Wade affirmed the network’s commitment to these beloved franchises, emphasizing their importance within the network’s lineup.

Family Guy 2024

Wade highlighted the ongoing collaboration between Fox, Hulu, and Disney, noting that while Family Guy will be producing exclusive holiday specials for Hulu, its broadcast presence remains integral. He underscored the strong relationship between the network and these animated juggernauts, indicating a promising future for their continued partnership.

In essence, while Family Guy’s temporary absence may come as a surprise to fans, Fox’s strategic maneuvering reflects a broader effort to nurture new talent while ensuring the longevity of its iconic animated properties. With midseason promises of Family Guy’s return, coupled with a slate of new offerings, Fox’s animation lineup continues to evolve, promising fresh entertainment for its dedicated audience.

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