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Galaxy S24 Ultra Owners Ask: Why Does My S Pen Smell Funny?

Users of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra are raising their eyebrows - or rather, scrunching their noses - over an unexpected discovery: the smartphone's S Pen stylus seems to emit an unusual smell


The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has been making waves in the smartphone market, thanks to its impressive array of features and cutting-edge technology. However, some users have recently discovered an unexpected quirk: the device’s S Pen stylus seems to have a peculiar smell.

The issue was brought to light by Reddit user LatifYil, who shared their experience with the S24 Ultra’s S Pen. “As the title suggests, the S pen in my Galaxy S24 Ultra absolutely reeks,” they wrote. “Either I have a sensitive nose, or this thing is being barbequed by the internals while it’s unsheathed.” This post prompted many other S24 Ultra owners to take a whiff of their own S Pens, and the general consensus is that the stylus does indeed have a noticeable odor.

Users have described the scent in various ways, with some comparing it to burnt plastic or a combination of new tech and a hint of burning. Interestingly, the issue doesn’t seem to be limited to the S24 Ultra, as owners of the Galaxy S23 Ultra and S22 Ultra have also reported similar experiences with their S Pens.

In response to concerns raised by users, a Samsung moderator on the company’s community forum offered an explanation for the smell. They suggested that the odor is likely caused by the S Pen’s proximity to the phone’s internal components, which generate heat during use. As a result, the plastic of the S Pen can warm up, leading to a burnt smell. The moderator compared this phenomenon to the scent of a car’s interior after being parked in the sun for an extended period.

Despite the explanation, some users remain curious about the long-term implications of the S Pen’s unique aroma. However, it’s worth noting that even owners of older Galaxy models have not reported any functional issues with their S Pens, suggesting that the smell, while peculiar, does not indicate a more serious problem.

For those who find the S Pen’s scent bothersome, there is some good news: the smell tends to dissipate after the stylus has been outside of its housing for a while. So, if the odor is too much to handle, simply let your S Pen air out for a bit, and it should return to a more neutral state.

In the grand scheme of things, the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s smelly S Pen is more of an amusing quirk than a major concern. While it may not be the most pleasant scent, it doesn’t seem to affect the S Pen’s functionality or the phone’s overall performance. As long as users can look past this minor oddity, they can continue to enjoy the numerous features and capabilities that the Galaxy S24 Ultra has to offer.

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