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Google announces Credential Manager to simplify and secure Android sign-in

Google passkey

In a bid to enhance user experience and bolster online security, American multinational tech major Google has introduced Credential Manager which will begin to roll out starting November 1. Google’s Credential Manager aims to address the challenge of remembering passwords, their susceptibility to reuse and phishing attacks, and the proliferation of various login methods that have long plagued both users and developers.

“Android is rolling out Credential Manager, which brings support for passkeys, a new passwordless authentication, together with traditional sign-in methods, such as passwords and federated identity, in a unified interface,” the tech major said in a blog. Calling passkeys a secure and convenient than passwords, Google says that with passkeys there is no need to manually type usernames or passwords, copy-paste a one-time code from SMS, or tap a link in an email inbox. Apps that have implemented passkeys have seen a reduction in the sign-in time by 50%.

“Passkeys add an additional layer of security for WhatsApp users. Simplifying the way users can securely get into their account will help our users, which is why the Credential Manager API is so important,” Nitin Gupta, Head of Engineering at WhatsApp said.

Furthermore, the Credential Manager streamlines the sign-in experience by offering users a simplified interface where they can choose their account and rely on smart defaults to select the most suitable authentication technology, be it a passkey, password, or federated identity. This user-centric approach removes the need for users to make decisions about how to sign in, making the process more intuitive

The company says that Credential Manager respects the preference of Android users to customize their experiences, and allows users to choose their preferred credential provider. Whether users opt for the default password manager on their device or prefer a different one, Credential Manager remains open and flexible, accommodating multiple credential providers simultaneously.

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