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Maharashtra Government, Google sign MoU for AI development

Google partnered with Maharashtra Government to promote innovative solutions with the help of AI in healthcare, agriculture, education, and entrepreneurship.


On Thursday 8th February, Tech giant Google formed a collaborative partnership with the Maharashtra Government by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in order to promote creative and innovative solutions with the help of artificial intelligence in key areas such as healthcare, agriculture, education, and entrepreneurship, all while promoting sustainability. During the event, Google also announced the launch of a cutting edge AI Centre of Excellence at the campus of the Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), in Nagpur.

This strategic alliance has been forged with aim to harness the power of AI and steer the state’s development goals forward. The event of the MoU was signed collectively by Sanjay Gupta, the Country Head & Vice President of Google India, followed by Nitin Kareer, the state’s Chief Secretary.

The Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis was quoted by the Press Trust of India (PTI) stating “A few weeks back, I met Gupta ji and we had a small talk on how AI is affecting our lives and he informed me that their different centres of excellence are creating different platforms and applications which are not only changing the businesses but the lives of people. I told him about the government’s plan to set up a centre of excellence in Nagpur. Here we both thought that this can be a mutually beneficial partnership” .

Key areas of development

At the forefront, Google aims to provide the state with its Agricultural Landscape Understanding (ALU) API, that provides intricate insights about farmland using the cutting-edge tool that leverages remote sensing AI/ML technology. With the support of this data resource, the state can spearhead the creation of pioneering, data-informed agro strategies and initiatives, paving the way for enhanced productivity and sustainability in the fields.

Followed by Healthcare, the collaboration also seeks to revolutionize the healthcare sector by embracing people-focused AI solutions. Google aims to implement AI medical tools to make a widespread impact on the population by actively collaborating with the state to create innovative Health AI imaging models, including Diabetic Retinopathy, and TB-Chest X-Ray , thereby expanding access to quality care through the transformative capabilities of AI technology.
Regarding skill development, Google is poised to amplify the Maharashtra government’s present-day training and education initiatives. This involves launching high-demand skills courses on YouTube, establishing a Google Cloud-based comprehensive trainer training program for educators, and empowering 500 government IT professionals with conversational AI skills training.
In terms of entrepreneurship opportunities, Google’s aims to provide comprehensive support mechanisms for startups, and small businesses in the state. This includes personalized mentorship, exclusive networking opportunities, facilitated by industry leaders and the company’s experts. Chosen entrepreneurs will be given essential access to potential investors, allowing them to make critical connections for their growth. Google also promises to provide qualifying VC-funded AI firms with an array of tools through the AI Startup Programme, including Cloud credits, specialised technical training, and all-encompassing business assistance.
Finally, sustainable growth has been given impetus in the MoU as it underscores a commitment to sustainable growth, with a particular emphasis on leveraging AI-powered tools for environmental resilience. This collaborative effort will entail sharing innovative solutions such as real-time air pollution monitoring through air quality sensors, providing training to city planners on utilizing AI-powered building footprints, and implementing Google AI technology to optimize traffic lights as part of Project Greenlight. These initiatives aim not only to enhance urban mobility but also to mitigate carbon emissions, marking a crucial step towards a more sustainable future of Maharashtra.

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