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Helldivers 2 controversy: Pulled from over 170+ Countries amid PSN Backlash and Valve Refund Frenzy

Helldivers 2 gets locked in 170+ regions! NO PSN = NO PLAY! Review bombed & refunds EXPLODE! Here's a detailed look into the problelm.

Helldivers 2

The Helldivers 2 saga has taken a turn for the worse as the year’s top-selling game finds itself embroiled in controversy, with its availability on Steam now restricted in over 170 countries. What began as a seemingly innocuous announcement from publisher Sony has snowballed into a torrent of negative backlash and uncertainty among players worldwide.

In a recent development, Sony declared that all PC players of Helldivers 2 must link their accounts to PlayStation Network (PSN) or risk losing access to the game—a stark departure from the initial launch flexibility. This sudden mandate has triggered a wave of discontent, with thousands of disgruntled users flooding the game’s once-pristine review pages with scathing critiques.

Fuelling the fire

Just yesterday, a Helldivers 2 community manager sought to allay fears by assuring players in PSN-lacking regions that they could continue enjoying the game without interruption. However, the reality paints a starkly different picture, as Helldivers 2 has been yanked from Steam in more than 170 countries devoid of PSN coverage, according to Steam Database records. This move not only bars potential new players from joining the fray but also casts doubts on the fate of existing owners residing in unsupported regions.

The repercussions of this upheaval are profound, particularly for Helldivers 2, which soared to the pinnacle of Sony’s sales charts following its PC debut. The situation prompts probing questions about the rationale behind making the game available in regions incompatible with the PSN requirement, especially if Sony had intended this mandate from the outset, as indicated in their announcement.

Adding fuel to the fire, Valve, the custodians of Steam, have reportedly been granting refunds to long-standing Helldivers 2 players who logged over 100 hours of gameplay—an act of leniency contrary to their standard policy, which typically limits refunds to within two hours of gameplay. This departure suggests Valve’s recognition of the unique circumstances surrounding the PSN integration, which emerged months post-launch.

In response to mounting criticism, a Helldivers 2 developer reiterated that the PSN directive originated from Sony rather than Arrowhead Studios, the game’s talented creators. This distinction underscores the importance of constructive dialogue over vitriolic outbursts directed at developers. Despite the escalating discontent, Sony has yet to issue a formal response, having announced the mandate on a Friday, leaving the community in limbo.

As the dust settles on this turbulent chapter in Helldivers 2’s journey, players and industry observers alike await Sony’s next move, hoping for a resolution that addresses concerns while preserving the integrity of the gaming experience.

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