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How to watch Apple’s iPhone 15 event

Set your calendars for 1pm ET/10am PT on Sept. 12, when Apple will reveal what's next for the iPhone and Apple Watch.

Apple reportedly testing Apple GPT

Every year, as the golden hues of fall begin to shine, tech enthusiasts and Apple aficionados alike mark their calendars for Apple’s grand hardware event. This annual rendezvous serves as the stage for the unveiling of Apple’s latest and greatest, from next-gen iPhones to sophisticated Apple Watches.

This year, Apple has piqued the curiosity of many with a cryptic theme titled “Wonderlust.” The meaning behind this intriguing choice is open to speculation. But if we take a trip down memory lane, last year’s “Far Out” theme was a playful nod to the iPhone 14 series’ cutting-edge emergency satellite capabilities. Makes you wonder what “Wonderlust” might allude to this year, doesn’t it?

Digging deeper into the event’s details, the invitations have given us a subtle clue about what’s in store for us, especially concerning the iPhone 15 Pro. Adorning the invitation is an Apple logo that flaunts a beautiful gradient, transitioning from black to silver, gray, and finally, blue. Buzz in the tech corridors suggests that these colors will be the brand new palette for the iPhone 15 Pro.

Curious about how you can be part of this tech spectacle? Let’s dive into the specifics.

Mark Your Calendars!
Apple’s grand event is scheduled for September 12, 10:00 AM PT. And the venue? The iconic Apple Park in Cupertino, California. As with these high-profile tech gatherings, only a select group, comprising the press and industry bigwigs, will be gracing the occasion in person.

Can’t Make It to Cupertino? No Worries!
Apple has got your back. You might not be able to bask in the California sun, but you can still get a front-row seat to all the action. Staying true to its tradition, Apple will be live-streaming the event. So, no matter where you are in the world, you can catch every revelation in real-time.

Tuning In:
The “Wonderlust” event promises to be a visual treat, and watching it is a breeze. Just hop onto the Apple website or Apple’s official YouTube channel. They’ve been the go-to for many during past events, offering seamless streaming experiences.

The Big Reveals:
Now, the most exciting part: What’s going to be unveiled? Apple events are a masterclass in presentation. The events usually start with a recorded video stream that soon leads to Tim Cook’s signature warm greeting – “Good morning.” Following that, various Apple maestros take the stage to introduce us to innovations that often set the tech trends for the year.

Rumor mills have been working overtime, and if they’re to be believed, some of the stars of the show will be the iPhone 15 and its more advanced sibling, the iPhone 15 Pro. But that’s not all! The Apple Watch Series 9 and brand new AirPods are also expected to make their debut.

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