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Humane Recalls AI Pin Charging Case; Urges Customers to Cease Use Immediately

Citing potential fire hazards, Humane has swiftly recalled the charging cases bundled with its AI Pin personal assistant device


Humane, the tech company behind the AI Pin personal assistant device, has issued an urgent safety notice to all owners of the product. In an email sent out today, the company is strongly advising customers to immediately stop using the charging case that came bundled with the AI Pin due to potential fire hazards posed by the battery cells.

The problem, as outlined by Humane, stems from a quality control issue with a third-party battery supplier whose cells were used in the charging case accessory. After receiving a report about a charging malfunction involving a non-approved cable and power source, the company’s investigation uncovered that some battery cells from this vendor may not meet their stringent safety standards, posing a risk of overheating or combustion.

In response, Humane has swiftly disqualified the problematic battery vendor while they work to secure a new, more reliable supplier that can uphold their quality expectations. The company underscored that the issue is isolated solely to the charging case accessory and does not affect the AI Pin device itself, the magnetic Battery Booster, or the dedicated charging pad – all of which use batteries from other vetted manufacturers and remain safe for continued use.

While acknowledging the inconvenience this recall may cause some users, Humane has made it clear that customer safety is their top priority. The AI Pin and its accessories are designed from the ground up with stringent safety protocols in mind and are rigorously tested to comply with all relevant US and international standards.

As a gesture of goodwill, the company is offering all affected customers two free months of their subscription service, which unlocks the AI Pin’s full range of capabilities. No details were provided about replacement charging cases, but Humane has promised to share more information once their investigation is concluded.

This proactive response from Humane showcases the company’s commitment to transparency and putting user wellbeing first, even if it means recalling a product component that could potentially put people at risk. In the world of cutting-edge consumer technology, such decisive actions help build trust and reinforce Humane’s reputation as a brand that values safety over everything else.

While the charging case recall is undoubtedly an unfortunate hiccup, it is reassuring to see a company take such decisive action to protect its customers. As Humane continues to push the boundaries of artificial intelligence and personal gadgets, this incident serves as a reminder that even the most innovative products must adhere to the highest safety standards. The AI Pin itself remains an exciting glimpse into the future of smart assistants, and with renewed vigilance on quality control, Humane is well-positioned to continue delivering groundbreaking technology to its users.

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