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Now buy cars online! Hyundai vehicles to be sold on Amazon in US starting 2024

Now buy cars online! Hyundai vehicles to be sold on Amazon in US starting 2024

Colossal online retailer Amazon has announced a partnership with Hyundai to sell the automaker’s vehicles online in the United States starting in 2024. This initiative, revealed at the 2023 LA Auto Show, marks a significant shift in car sales dynamics, merging traditional automotive retail with the burgeoning online shopping trend.

Under the new arrangement, customers will have the unique opportunity to shop for, customize, and purchase Hyundai vehicles directly on Amazon.com. The process will be streamlined, allowing customers to select their preferred model, trim, color, and features. Following this, the purchase can be finalized online, offering a seamless blend of digital convenience and traditional dealership support.

This collaboration is an extension of a previous agreement, which in 2020 enhanced Hyundai’s digital showroom on Amazon.com. This platform already allowed customers to configure vehicles, calculate prices, and find dealers for sale completion. However, the latest development takes this a step further by enabling the complete online purchase of a car.

The digital showroom concept is not new to Hyundai, as the company set up its first such showroom on Amazon back in 2018. The latest iteration, announced at the Los Angeles Auto Show, not only facilitates online car shopping but also integrates futuristic features. For instance, starting in 2025, new Hyundai vehicles will be equipped with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, enhancing the digital capabilities of the cars.

“Partnering with one of the world’s most customer-centric organizations unlocks incredible opportunities as we continue to expand our portfolio, grow our sales network, transition to electrification and realize the future of smart mobility,” Hyundai Motor chief executive officer Jay Chang said and as reported by Reuters.

Amazon’s foray into car sales represents a significant evolution from its beginnings as a book retailer. The e-commerce giant has previously dabbled in the automotive sector through its “Amazon Vehicle Showrooms” site, which facilitated car advertising but did not support actual vehicle purchases. The new venture is set to transform this dynamic, allowing customers to complete the entire car buying process online.

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