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Indian smartphone users now spent over 4 hrs every day on apps! 

Indian smartphone users

Smartphones are becoming even smarter every day; they have track of everything from your physical movement to the amount of time you spend on your phones. And as a matter of fact, that is not going down. Recent findings by application intelligence firm data.ai (previously App Annie) have shown that Indian smartphone users now spent over 4 hours daily on apps. In other more than a dozen worldwide markets, users spend four to five hours per day browsing apps in a day, with users in Indonesia and Singapore spending almost 5.7 hours a day on smartphones.

The sudden growth in app usage can be traced back to Q2 of 2020, the commencements of COVID19-related lockdowns when all activities, be it meetings or education, came online. But even after two years, when the world has “opened up”, the long-lasting impact on behavior and app usage is still quite colossal.

Avg Daily Hours Spent in Apps graph
Image Credits dataai

Apps on the mind

Data revealed that TikTok is at the top spot by consumer spending globally and Meta-owned Instagram is the most downloaded worldwide among the non-gaming apps. Notably, the data helps to understand Instagram‘s every possible effort to win the “user attention war” against its competitor TikTok.


Top Apps Q2 2022
Image Credits dataai

Interestingly, Indian e-commerce app Meesho has joined the bandwagon of India’s exploding digital commerce market. Meesho rose four places and jumped to number 8 in global downloads. The company claims 44 million active product listings and recorded 5.35 million orders during a recent one-day sale event.

Another fascinating finding reveals that the female-friendly dating product, Bumble has made it to the 10 list by consumer spend for Q2 2022 in India and 7 other countries including Australia, Singapore, the UK, Germany, India, the US, and Indonesia, and Worldwide. According to reports, the top three dating apps in India – Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge – collectively grew by 17 percent in January 2022 from January 2019.

Facebook has been at the top spot by monthly active users, ahead of WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, TikTok, Telegram, Amazon, Twitter, Spotify, and Netflix.

Globally, the growth in app usage has slowed a bit from the second quarter of 2020 however daily time spent growth in some regions like Singapore and Australia went from 4.1 to 5.7 hours and from 3.6 hours to 4.9 respectively, representing a 40% rise in time spent.

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