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Introducing Frame by Brilliant Labs: The AI Glasses With Superpowers

Brilliant Labs introduces Frame, a groundbreaking pair of augmented reality glasses fused with advanced artificial intelligence capabilities, promising a seamless integration of technology into everyday life

Frame by Brilliant Labs

In an exciting step towards seamlessly integrated wearable tech, startup Brilliant Labs has unveiled Frame – an innovative pair of augmented reality glasses equipped with artificial intelligence capabilities. These sleek, ordinary-looking glasses harbor advanced technology that brings sci-fi-esque AI powers into the real world.

Dubbed “a reinvention of eyewear for the AI era”, Frame provides users with real-time visual analysis, speech recognition, language translation, internet searching and more. Through the fusion of AR displays and AI processing, Frame aims to enhance daily life by providing timely information and insights with just a glance.

As demonstrated in preview videos, the AI glasses can identify architectural styles, translate foreign languages, pull up relevant facts and data, make recommendations, and answer natural language questions on demand. To enable such versatile functions, Brilliant Labs collaborated with leaders in AI research like OpenAI, Whisper and Perplexity AI.

OpenAI’s state-of-the-art GPT large language model powers the contextual visual search capabilities. Meanwhile, Whisper provides speech transcription and translation powered by its leading speech recognition technology. Frame leverages Perplexity AI’s conversational AI to deliver accurate, up-to-date information on identified objects and surroundings.

At the core of Frame is Brilliant Labs’ innovative engineering that seamlessly packages the advanced technology into a lightweight, fashionable form. The glasses feature a 0.61-inch micro-OLED display that projects crisp AR imagery onto the lens. This is paired with a 5MP camera for detailed image and facial recognition to enhance the AR experience.

The integrated hardware allows for smooth on-device processing and connectivity while maintaining a slim, comfortable profile. Brilliant Labs founder Bobak Tavangar compared Frame’s seamless integration to the advent of multi-touch technology for smartphones, bringing AI assistance into a wearable device that feels natural.

Available in black, gray and transparent colors, Frame is now available for pre-order at $349. Prescription options are also offered for $449. Slated to ship in April, early adopters will soon get to experience having AI superpowers integrated discreetly into their daily lives.

While still an emerging technology, Frame represents an exciting step towards the melding of human and artificial intelligence. Having information and capabilities augmented in real-time through wearable devices opens up many possibilities. Frame offers a glimpse into a future where knowledge flows seamlessly between biological and artificial systems to expand human potential.

The innovative team at Brilliant Labs continues to push boundaries in wearable tech. They recently unveiled the world’s smallest AR monocle that can be clipped onto existing glasses. As smart glasses evolve, they aim to make AI assistance feel as natural as using one’s own senses. Frame shows that the future is now, and integrating tech into the human experience has vast possibilities we are only beginning to explore.

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