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iPhone 16 with a “capture” button? Leaked renders drop hints

Speculations about the iPhone 16 Pro's hardware alterations have leaked online. CAD Renders hint at a dedicated "Capture" button, an"Action" button and more

Apple’s highly anticipated iPhone 16 Pro, slated for a September 2024 debut, is already generating buzz with whispers of design tweaks and camera enhancements. Even though its release is months away, speculations abound regarding potential alterations. Fresh renders hint at a dedicated “Capture” button and a substantial “Action” button, amongst other minor changes.

Recent CAD renders (Computer-Aided Designs), courtesy of 91 mobile, unveil an intriguing addition to the Apple iPhone 16 Pro’s design—a speculated capture button positioned below the power button on the device’s right side. This button is rumored to boast capacitive touch capabilities, promising more than just a conventional shutter release. Reports suggest that this intuitive feature will empower users to fine-tune focus and zoom levels, granting them unparalleled control over their photographic endeavors, ensuring every moment is impeccably captured.

iPhone 16 pro – Expected specs

iPhone 16 Pro CAD renders as seen on 91Mobiles
iPhone 16 Pro CAD renders as seen on 91Mobiles

Many leaks indicate that alongside a potential expansion of the Capture button’s functionality, Apple may also be amplifying the size of the Action button in the upcoming iPhone 16. Initially introduced with the iPhone 15 Pro, the Action Button offers users the flexibility to customize its functions, such as launching apps or triggering shortcuts. The speculated larger-scale implementation of this button is purported to bolster accessibility and streamline user interaction.

Breaking away from the triangular camera setup seen in previous iterations, Apple is reportedly venturing into a vertical layout to accommodate larger lenses, including an innovative “tetraprism” telephoto lens capable of unprecedented zoom capabilities. Anticipated to grace the iPhone 16 Pro, this 5X tetraprism telephoto camera mirrors its larger counterpart’s prowess. The absence of this feature in the iPhone 15 Pro, which settled for a 3X telephoto lens, is now rectified, courtesy of a slightly more spacious interior.

Apart from the three camera sensors is a LiDAR module, a microphone, and a flash. Notably, the camera system receives a boost with the addition of a 48MP Ultra-wide camera, exclusive to the Pro models. Moreover, new color variants are on the horizon too. Leaks from the previous year teased a battery pack with a marginally larger capacity of 3,355mAh.

The camera bump evokes echoes of the design language introduced with the iPhone 11 Pro in 2019

While counterfeit leaks online showcase a camera system reminiscent of a fidget spinner and concept renditions drawing parallels to Samsung flagship models due to the vertical camera setup, a compelling rumor suggests that the iPhone 16 Pro may flaunt a 6.1-inch display, marking a departure from the sleeker profile of the iPhone 15 Pro.

Nevertheless, it’s crucial to remember that these details remain rooted in rumor, awaiting official validation from Apple. Anticipation mounts for the unveiling of the iPhone 16 series, anticipated to grace the stage in September or October 2024, aligning with Apple’s customary fall release cadence. Until then, these leaks serve as tantalizing morsels, stirring conjecture and anticipation surrounding the flagship device. All will be revealed once the curtains rise on the next generation of iPhones.

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