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Lenovo’s Legion Gaming Phones to Be Sunsetted Amidst Wider Business Transformation

Lenovo has officially confirmed the discontinuation of its Legion brand gaming phones as part of a wider business transformation

Lenovo Legion

Lenovo, the technology giant known for its gaming hardware, has confirmed that it will be discontinuing its Legion brand gaming phones. In a statement to Android Authority, the company explained that it is restructuring its approach to its “gaming portfolio” and as a result, is discontinuing its Android-based Legion mobile gaming phones. Lenovo is committed to advancing the gaming category across different form factors and focusing on where it can bring the most value to the global gaming community.

This news comes as a surprise to many, given Lenovo’s dominance in the portable gaming hardware market and the generally positive reception of Legion gaming phones. However, Lenovo believes that by sunsetting its Legion smartphones, it can better focus on its strengths and bring more value to the gaming industry. The move also reflects the company’s wider business transformation and gaming portfolio consolidation.

With Lenovo’s exit from the gaming phone market, mobile gamers will have fewer choices. Currently, the most popular options are the Asus ROG Phone, the Nubia RedMagic lineup, and the Xiaomi Black Shark series. Each device has its own strengths, but there are concerns about their longevity, particularly with Xiaomi laying off 10% of its workforce in December 2022.

The absence of Legion gaming phones will certainly be felt in the industry, as they were known for their inventive approach to mobile gaming hardware. However, Lenovo’s statement to Android Authority assures gamers that the company isn’t quitting entirely, as it will continue to develop new gaming hardware. For example, last week, Lenovo announced its new LOQ gaming laptops.

It remains to be seen whether Lenovo will change its mind and re-enter the mobile gaming market in the future. For now, mobile gamers will have to look to other companies for their gaming-devoted mobile hardware needs. Nonetheless, with Lenovo’s continued commitment to gaming, it’s safe to say that gamers can still expect exciting new hardware from the company in the years to come.

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