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M3-Powered MacBook Pro? Leaked Packaging Image Sparks Speculation

Apple enthusiasts are dissecting a leaked image that could point to an M3-powered MacBook Pro, while others remain skeptical about its authenticity


In the fast-paced world of tech leaks, the spotlight has recently turned towards a potential new Apple launch. A leaked image has emerged that hints at a MacBook Pro, possibly set to unveil at Apple’s upcoming Halloween-eve event.

This intriguing snapshot was first noticed by Wccftech, credited to a prolific Apple informant on the platform X (formerly known as Twitter), dubbed ShrimpApplePro. The image displays what seems to be packaging for an upcoming MacBook Pro model. And while the box indeed features a device that resembles the MacBook Pro – looking heftier than the MacBook Air – the design doesn’t seem to deviate much from the existing MacBook Pro model. This aligns with previous hints dropped by Apple insider, Mark Gurman.

One standout detail from this tantalizing image is the unfamiliar wallpaper displayed on the laptop screen. This new design could potentially coincide with the anticipated M3-powered MacBook Pro, as current speculations suggest.

However, there’s always a chance we’re seeing a clever fake. The origin of this leak traces back to Weibo, a Chinese forum notorious for its hit-or-miss accuracy in tech rumors. It’s entirely feasible that an enthusiast might have made minor modifications to a current MacBook box, inserting this new wallpaper as a digital edit.

Conversations on X have since taken an analytical turn, with users speculating about potential hidden messages within the wallpaper. Although some claim to see letters within the pattern, it mainly seems to depict a close-up of an intricate, high-tech labyrinth.

When it comes to leaks, discernment is crucial. One notable aspect of this leak that raises eyebrows is the design of the wallpaper, which seems to be inspired by Apple’s ‘Scary fast’ invitation for the October 30 event. Some discrepancies in the glow effect around its intricate lines are causing a stir among the community.

While skeptics remain unconvinced, several users on X feel this leak might genuinely be onto something. Buzz from the rumor mills has intensified, suggesting that an M3-equipped MacBook Pro debut might indeed be imminent.

Significantly, Ming-Chi Kuo, a respected analyst, has adjusted his previous forecast. While he initially believed the MacBook Pro M3 would see daylight in 2024, he now anticipates an October unveiling and sales kicking off between November and December. This shift in prediction seems to stem from Apple’s quest to rejuvenate the slightly underwhelming reception of the M2 MacBook Pro upgrade and bolster the Mac sales figures.

However, there’s a twist. Production for this new MacBook isn’t entirely up to speed, which was why Kuo initially slated 2024 as its launch year. But it seems Apple might still charge forward, even if it risks limited stock availability post-launch. A December release seems probable, ensuring maximum product availability.

It’s unexpected to anticipate another MacBook Pro M3 release in 2023, given we’ve already seen a refresh earlier this year. It’s quite uncharacteristic of Apple, but if Mac sales are indeed dwindling, Apple might be willing to make bold moves.

The upcoming October event promises to be eventful, potentially showcasing not just a MacBook Pro overhaul but perhaps a new iMac iteration as well. The latest chatters hint at a possible 24-inch model, although its chipset – whether it’ll house the M3 or not – remains a topic of debate.

The event’s ‘Scary fast’ theme does tease the debut of an M3-equipped Mac. Perhaps, we might witness the launch of more than one such device. As the anticipation builds, all eyes are on October 30.

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