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Meet the world’s first AR Laptop: Spacetop G1, but is it really a G(reat)1?

After the Apple Vision pro, spatial computing seems to have gotten a massive advancement as Spacetop unveiled the world's first screen-less laptop, the Spacetop G1. Here's what it's all about.

Well, it looks like Apple is not the only one with their spatial computing dreams with their Apple Vision pro as Sightful, a tech company known for pushing the boundaries of mobile computing, has unveiled the Spacetop G1, the world’s first Augmented Reality (AR) laptop. Unlike traditional laptops, the G1 boasts a screenless design, opting instead for a pair of AR glasses that project a virtual workspace.

Spacetop G1 specs

Spacetop G1
The Spacetop G1

The Spacetop G1 is a marvel of compactness. With a thickness ranging from 0.51 inches to 2.44 inches and a weight of just 3.08 lbs, it easily fits into a standard laptop bag. The included AR glasses are feather-light at 0.18 lbs, making them comfortable for extended wear. Despite its sleek design, the Spacetop G1 packs a punch. The Qualcomm Snapdragon QCS8550 platform with 16GB of RAM ensures smooth performance for everyday tasks. The 128GB of storage provides ample space for your files, while the long-lasting 60Wh battery offers up to 8 hours of productivity on a single charge.

Spacetop G1

The AR glasses feature dual OLED display panels with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels per eye, delivering crisp and clear visuals. With a refresh rate of 90Hz, the display offers a smooth and immersive experience. For users who require corrective lenses, Sightful offers custom prescription lenses at no additional cost, ensuring a comfortable fit for all-day use.

Spacetop G1

The Spacetop G1 comes equipped with a full-sized keyboard and a multi-touch trackpad for a familiar laptop experience. Connectivity options include the latest Wi-Fi 7 standard, Bluetooth 5.3, and 5G capabilities. The built-in webcam allows for seamless video conferencing, while the dual speakers on the glasses and the 6W stereo base speakers provide a well-rounded audio experience.

Spacetop G1

The Spacetop G1 runs on SPACE OS, a custom operating system optimized for spatial computing. This innovative approach to computing promises a future where work and entertainment seamlessly blend with the world around us.

Spacetop G1

The Spacetop G1 is currently available for pre-order, with shipments expected to begin in October 2024. With its revolutionary design and powerful features, the Spacetop G1 marks a significant leap forward in mobile computing, offering a glimpse into a future where laptops are lighter, sleeker, and more immersive than ever before.

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