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Meet Unitree Go 2: The Budget-Friendly Robot Dog That Masters Tricks and ChatGPT Integration

Chinese company Unitree enters the robot pet market with the Go 2, a cost-effective alternative to high-priced robo-dogs like Boston Dynamics' Spot


Unitree, a Chinese robotics company, has unleashed its latest creation onto the market—a robot dog that’s easier on your pocket than its industry counterparts. It may not have the pedigree of Boston Dynamics’ $75,000 robo-pooch, Spot, but the new Unitree Go 2 offers an affordable way into the world of robot pets, starting at a remarkable $1,600. Sure, with shipping and duties, it will set you back closer to $2,400, but it’s still an intriguing proposition compared to the pricier industrial bots.

Unitree is not new to this arena. The Go 2 isn’t their first robo-pet, but their third consumer product. They also have two beefier “industrial” models vying for market share against Boston Dynamics.

The Go 2 robot dog stands a modest 16 inches tall, measures 27 inches from nose to tail, and weighs in at a sturdy 33 pounds. Its face features a camera, flashlight, and a 360-degree LiDAR sensor that constantly spins, aiding in its navigational capabilities. Equipped with twelve motors—likely three per leg—this agile bot can tackle uneven outdoor terrains and perform an array of tricks. It’s powered by an 8000 mAh battery that gives 1–2 hours of run time and uses Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth to communicate with its app. Its top speed? A leisurely 2.5 meters per second.

For those seeking more features, there’s a $2,800 “Pro” model. It comes with a speaker and microphone combo for voice commands and media playback, as well as a “Wireless Vector Positioning Tracking Module” for better obedience. Furthermore, it boasts 4G connectivity, a faster CPU, and a brisker 3.5 m/s top speed. For those with deep pockets and an insatiable need for speed, there’s also an “EDU” model with an impressive 5 m/s top speed and a 15,000 mAh battery. This model features a “Foot-end force sensor,” a piece of tech that’s instrumental in executing the acrobatics displayed in the promotional video.

The video shows the Go 2 performing a dizzying variety of tricks, from flips and stretches to shaking hands and even walking down stairs while performing a handstand. Yet, it’s not entirely clear which model is responsible for these feats of agility.

One noticeable quirk is the robot’s English communication, which suggests the developers are not native speakers. With phrases like “I will dance to pleasure you” appearing in the video, it’s a gentle reminder that while the technology may be cutting-edge, there are still areas to improve upon.

In terms of features, the EDU model spec sheet includes items such as “Charging Pile Compatibility,” which likely refers to the ability to use a charging dock, and “Secondary development,” hinting at a programming interface for customization. Some sections are still in Chinese, like “RTT 2.0 图传,” indicating that it can send video to the app.

Notably, the robot dog integrates with ChatGPT. In the promo video, a phrase “Automatic code generation via GPT” flashes up as the owner commands the dog to shake hands. It seems the bot didn’t know how to perform this basic dog trick and used ChatGPT to quickly generate the necessary code. This raises eyebrows regarding how effective this technique may be.

And what’s a pet without accessories? There’s a host of add-ons available, including an automatic charging dock that looks somewhat fragile, and a more robust aluminum robot arm attachment. However, be prepared for additional costs if you’re in the US. Shipping costs are a hefty $400, and there’s a 25% duty charge to be factored in. Despite the hurdles, the Unitree Go 2 robot dog is now available for preorder for those keen to venture into the world of robo-pets.


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