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Meta acquires smart lensmaker Luxexcel


In a bid to push its Metaverse dream, Facebook parent company Meta has bought smart eyewear maker Luxexcel. The company creates prescription lenses for smart glasses. Meta’s new acquisition comes when the tech giant faces scrutiny over its takeover of virtual reality studio Within Unlimited.

Meta confirmed the deal to TechCrunch. “We’re excited that the Luxexcel team has joined Meta, deepening the existing partnership between the two companies,” a Meta spokesperson told the publication. The terms of the deal are not revealed.

In 2009, Luxexcel came into existence as a prescription lens manufacturer. The Netherlands-based company now uses 3D printing with integrated technology like LCD displays and holographic film to make prescription lenses for glasses. In  2021, Luxexcel also partnered with WaveOptics.

Meta plans to support its Reality Labs projects with the Luxexcel technology to produce prescription AR glasses. This move could help the company to target users who wear glasses, while also benefitting from its expertise in optics.

Meta collaborated with Essilor Luxottica in 2021 to launch Ray-Ban branded smart eyeglasses called Ray-Ban Stories. The smart glasses allowed users to take photos and videos, or make hands-free, voice-controlled calls using Meta platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook.

Meanwhile, Meta has postponed its acquisition of virtual reality studio Within Unlimited, developer of the popular fitness app “Supernatural”, till January 31. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) took Meta to court to block the merger, alleging it to be anti-competitive. FTC argued that Meta’s acquisition reduced competition in the potential “killer app” category of fitness apps. The new agreement was noted in a court filing with the United States District Court for the Northern District Of California on Tuesday, extending a temporary restraining order agreed to in August.



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