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Meta Plans ‘Retention-Driving Hooks’ for Threads as More Than Half of Users Leave App

Meta Plans 'Retention-Driving Hooks' for Threads as More Than Half of Users Leave App

Meta Platforms, the parent company of social media giant Facebook, is working on implementing “retention-driving hooks” for its recently launched Twitter rival, Threads, as more than half of the app’s users have left in the weeks following its highly anticipated launch. CEO Mark Zuckerberg addressed the issue during an internal company town hall, where he acknowledged that while user retention on the text-based app was better than initially expected, it was still not at the desired level, Reuters reported.

Threads, which was designed as a text-based social media platform to compete with Twitter, gained significant attention and saw a massive surge in sign-ups, with over 100 million people joining the platform within five days of its launch. However, despite the initial enthusiasm, a substantial drop in user engagement occurred shortly after.

Zuckerberg deemed the drop-off in users as “normal” for a new app launch and expressed optimism that user retention would improve over time. He emphasized that as the company adds more features to the app, including the introduction of a desktop version and enhanced search functionality, retention is expected to grow.

To tackle the challenge of retaining users, Meta is now focusing on introducing “retention-driving hooks.” These hooks are designed to entice users to return to the app and re-engage with its content. Chief Product Officer Chris Cox revealed that one of the strategies includes ensuring that important Threads content is visible to users of the popular Instagram app.

Meta’s executives are actively working on improving Threads‘ appeal and user experience, as the platform is seen as a key element in Meta’s broader social media ecosystem. The company aims to reinvigorate user engagement and solidify its position in the competitive social media landscape.

Despite the initial drop in user retention on Threads, Meta recently impressed investors with a positive revenue growth forecast, suggesting that the company is making strides to regain its position after facing challenges in the past.

As the development of Threads continues, Meta is taking user feedback seriously and refining the app to meet the expectations of its vast user base. The company is committed to exploring various avenues, such as the incorporation of new features and strategic integrations, to boost engagement and ensure the app’s long-term success.


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