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Microsoft Reading Coach: Learning with AI

Trying out Reading Coach, reading fluency tool that provides students with independent practice based on the words they mispronounce

Microsoft Reading Coach
Reading Coach is a reading fluency tool that provides students with independent practice based on the words they mispronounce. After Microsoft successfully launched Teams, the chat-based organization platform now has a new feature called the Reading Coach, that can be accessed through the immersive reader.

It features a built-in fluency detection mode in order to personalize the reading content with the words that learners struggle with. Reading coach generates individualized practice based on specific needs as the students can improvise on the most challenging words, while the platform ensures a safe and trusted user experience. This student-focused software is available for use in the classroom or at home.

First Impressions

Upon first glance, the tool has a fairly simple user interface. Reading coach can be accessed through the Immersive reader on Microsoft Teams. Once it is open, the user may select the user preferences of their choice and turn on Reading Coach option. The tool shares a striking similarity to the Reading progress feature on Teams.

This tool builds on Reading Progress by identifying the 5 words that each individual struggled with the most. It then proceeds to present it to them again with tools to support in practicing independently. At present, the available tools include text to speech, syllable breaking, and picture dictionary. Moreover, these supports are customizable, and can only be accessed when a Reading Progress assignment in Teams is created for the user.

Furthermore, it helps the user to practice words by reading out loud  with the use of the Immersive Reader. It features the same personalized feedback system like Reading Coach, on Teams. When the user finishes using Reading Coach in Immersive Reader a small report, will be revealed to the user. That provides feedback, allows them to track their personal progress and offers the ability to share the work they completed.

This tool is currently only supported on Teams, as Microsoft aims to integrate it with other Microsoft 365 applications such as Word online, Forms, OneNote and more.

However, the application can be used only with an integration with a Microsoft account, and is currently only available in US-English. Support for additional languages and dialects will be present post 2024. Microsoft, identified the software to be in its “initial stage”, meaning certain bugs or experience issues might occur. The company states that improvements to the tool to provide optimum usability, is underway.

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