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Microsoft’s Copilot bot lands on Telegram: Currently supports text-based requests at present

Microsoft's Copilot now chats on Telegram as the free AI chatbot helps with info, tasks, translation with a limit of 30 daily exchanges. Read on to know more

Microsoft Copilot on Telegram

Microsoft’s AI assistant, Copilot, is spreading its wings and landing in a new app: Telegram. This free beta integration allows users to chat directly with Copilot, posing questions, searching for information, and even engaging in casual conversation – all within the familiar interface of Telegram.

After Meta’s AI chatbot, Telegram too hops onto the AI bandwagon

Microsoft Copilot on Telegram

The move places Copilot in the company of other AI assistants making their mark in the messaging world. Meta (formerly Facebook) has integrated its AI into Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram messaging, while Google’s AI, Gemini, offers a similar experience within Google Messages on Android devices. However, accessing Copilot on Telegram comes with a caveat – users must share their phone number with Microsoft. This might raise eyebrows for those who value privacy, considering Telegram itself prides itself on strong privacy features.

Despite the data hurdle, Microsoft’s AI assistant for Telegram offers a compelling range of features. Users can leverage the AI’s capabilities to search the web, find movie recommendations, generate personalized workout plans, receive coding assistance, translate languages on the fly, and get quick answers to their questions. While powerful, Copilot for Telegram isn’t without limitations. Currently, the assistant can only handle text-based interactions and cannot generate images. Additionally, there’s a daily limit of 30 exchanges between the user and the AI assistant, ensuring focused interactions.

This expansion marks another step in Microsoft’s broader Copilot strategy. The AI assistant is already present in various Microsoft offerings, including business applications, select PC models with built-in assistance, Microsoft 365 integration, and even a paid tier offering access to the latest AI models for a monthly fee.

With Copilot’s arrival on Telegram, Microsoft is further establishing its AI assistant as a versatile tool accessible across different platforms. Be it a casual user seeking information or a professional seeking assistance, the tool’s presence on Telegram offers a new way to interact with powerful AI capabilities within the familiar environment of a popular messaging app.

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